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5 Ways To Tackle A Busy Summer

5 Ways To Tackle A Busy Summer


Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get ready for the fun-filled months ahead. From barbecues to sporting events and family vacations, summer can be the busiest time of year for families – but, there are some easy tips and tricks you can use to stay on top of a busy routine.
Here are five tips to manage a busy routine this summer:

1. Plan ahead: If you know there’s have a busy week ahead, prepare in advance. Planning is key and can help everything go smoother. Of course, everything doesn’t always go as planned but it’s better to be prepared. 

2. Multitask during downtime: When your to-do list is a mile long, you have to find any time you can to get things done. If your babies are napping, make time to do a quick task on your list. Yes, most would say take a nap because they are napping but then you’ll only find your list getting longer missing out on valuable time. 

3. Say no sometimes: Do you ever feel like you’re constantly on the move and there’s never enough time to get it all done? We’ve all been there. We get caught up in various activities and suddenly we look up and the summer is halfway over. Remember that it’s OK to say no. Whether it’s an event you’ve been invited to or a nagging chore on your list, give yourself permission to say no and don’t give it a second thought.

4. Stay connected: Communication is key when juggling a busy schedule and keeping in touch with family and friends. Thankfully smartphones make it easy to keep loved ones in the loop by sending a group text or using photo sharing apps to share new memories together.

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5. Take a family break: Summers are so jam-packed that it’s hard to find time to spend as a family. Take a break from your daily to-dos and plan an activity or trip that allows you to stop and spend quality time together. Whether it’s one day or an entire weekend, try not to think about any responsibilities, just focus on relaxing and making special memories as a family.

This summer, focus your energy on adventures, making memories and sharing time with those you love most. 

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