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The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Toddlers & Babies

The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Toddlers & Babies


Halloween is right around the corner and dressing up your little one in a Halloween costume can be super exciting. Yes, they don’t know what Halloween is, but that shouldn’t stop this from being a fun and exciting time that you can reflect on when they’re older. From superheroes to baby animals, we’ve rounded up the best and cutest Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers. Check them out!

1. The Incredibles Baby Jack

Baby Jack – The Incredibles ($20, Target)

Superhero baby and incredible superpowers. Don’t let this little guy fool you, he’s ready to take over Halloween.

2. Baby Unicorn

Baby Unicorn ($15, Target)

Make magic this Halloween with your very own little Unicorn.

3. Harry Potter Slytherin

Harry Potter Slytherin ( $41, Pottery Barn Kids)

Let your little one show off their Hogwarts pride in this costume.

4. Bumblebee

Bumblebee ( $18, Amazon)

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Let your little one transform into this Halloween costume which is a crowd favorite, Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

5. Baby Chicken

Baby Chicken ($25, Target)

Help your little one cross the road the road this year by transforming them into a Chicken for this year’s Halloween costume.

What costume will you dress your baby in for Halloween? Capture the moment and tag us on Instagram.

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