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The Cutest Kids Books For The Fall Season

The Cutest Kids Books For The Fall Season


Story By: Nychel Menchaca

This time of the year is the best to cuddle up in bed and read to your little one while it is cold outside. The holidays are approaching and what not a better way to get in the spirit by reading about love, joy, and happiness. Let your child’s mind be filled with cute kid’s books that will have their imagination soaring through the pages wanting to read more. One book can become the start of reading a whole series. Who knows a book just may be on your child’s Christmas list to Santa this year.

There are so, many books out there for all age groups it is hard to decide on one the whole family will enjoy. Here is a list of the five cutest kid’s books for the fall season that are kid’s best sellers.

The Wonky Donkey

This book will have your whole family laughing when reading this tongue twister. It is based off a song that Craig Smith wrote after hearing the joke “What do you call a donkey with three legs? –A Wonky Donkey”

The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series # 13)

This is a book that will bring your child’s greatest wishes of school closing for a snow day. They have a day of massive snow forts, and snowball fights breaking out on school grounds. When the snow approaches in real life your whole family will become experts on having a blast in the snow together because of this book.

How to Catch a Snow Man

There is something about a snowman that brings snow much joy during this time of year. In this book children will be taught lessons they will never forget while trying to catch a snowman that has come to life and ran away. Now a running snowman is something you will never see in real life. This book will allow your child’s imagination to think of things that seem impossible.

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Construction Site on Christmas Night

If your child loved Goodnight, Goodnight by Sherri Dusky Rinker then they will love this playful rhyme text book. This book is the perfect example of giving during the Christmas season. The trucks are building a gift for Christmas but, little do they know there is a surprise for each of them.

Mickey Mouse Goes Christmas Shopping

Last but, not least you can’t celebrate the holidays with children without Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse goes Christmas Shopping was published in 1953 and is still today a great holiday gift. Mickey and Minnie take Mickey’s nephews shopping an experience they will never forget. This book is perfect for ages 2-5 but, grandpa will be in the corner reading this book because no one can resist reading about Mickey Mouse. This book is an exclusive edition that only comes out during the holidays so, get it now before you have to wait until next year to read it to the family.

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  • What an amazing selection of books for the holidays. Instilling the love of reading is the greatest gift we can give our children/students. Thank you for sharing your love of reading and your thoughts of some wonderful holiday treasures that we can share at our school.

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