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Ready To Ditch The Diaper Bag? Dwypeze Can Help

Ready To Ditch The Diaper Bag? Dwypeze Can Help


Story By:  Nychel Menchaca

When going out as a family packing the diaper bag can turn into a hassle. Alison a mother of two has decided to change that with her company, Dwypeze, a complete diaper kit for on the go. This kit can fit comfortably in your jeans pocket or into your favorite clutch. Dads will also enjoy the luxury of putting a diaper kit in their back pocket instead of carrying a large diaper bag.

All Dwypeze packages include a white changing mat similar to a dental bib made of poly- backed, waffle embossed product. The poly-backed changing mat adds the thickness of protection between your sweet angel and those unpleasant restaurant changing tables. Also inside the Dwypeze changing kit is a 5-pack of wipes made for babies with sensitive skin. These wipes include natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera. The particular amount of wipes is enough to endure a huge blowout that we all know can happen when you’re on the go.

Each diaper in the Dwypeze kit has an elastic waist, wetness indicator and feels soft like a cloth material. Dwypeze accommodates babies ranging from 2-3 months in size one diapers that fit 8-16lbs. While the large pack fits babies six months to 2 years old weighing between 20-37lbs. The small or large may not fit perfectly but, it gets the job done until you make it home.

Additionally, the Dwypeze pack includes a distraction card. The distraction card is a great tool to use during a diaper change when your baby is a little agitated. Babies can munch on it as a teething device or look at the beautiful cards designs.

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At the end of the diaper change, the wipes and diaper can be placed back into the black disposable bag with a sealed top to dispose of waste, allowing others not to see or smell your child’s diaper in the trash. The pocket-sized diaper, wipes and changing pad can also go in the glove box of your car for unexpected emergencies that your child may experience at any time. Being prepared for an emergency diaper change can make our lives as mothers run a little smoother. Therefore, go all out and enjoy life with Dwypeze the solution that has made diaper changing easy for all families on the go.

A 5-pack of this product is available for $19.99 and a 10-pack $26.99. Use the code: Stocking Stuffers before 12/31 and receive free shipping.

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