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Women’s Coworking Space, The Wing To Offer Childcare

Women’s Coworking Space, The Wing To Offer Childcare


As a mom, going back to work after having your baby is hard. We question ourselves as being capable of having both a career and being a mom. Today’s society sometimes makes it look impossible to have both. They make you think you have to choose or have the perfect balance to do both and that’s not true. With so many jobs allowing the flexibility to create your hours and work from wherever you don’t need a perfect balance, all you need is to believe in yourself and know that you can achieve anything with companies behind you like The Wing, a women’s focused coworking and community space.
The Wing is strongly invested into professional, civic, social, and economic advancement for women and with their new venture, The Little Wing, an onsite childcare service for parents, it leaves no question on their purpose on moving women forward.  Being a parent with a full-time job can be challenging and almost have you questioning if you can do both. With services like The Little Wing, this adds ease on parents as they can get work done throughout the day and still have their little one close at all times. Yes, full-time childcare is available everywhere, but some careers offer the flexibility where your child doesn’t have to go full-time if you’re not ready for them to just yet.

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You also have mothers who are breastfeeding, and there aren’t many companies who are transforming their space to make it more convenient for moms. reported that 43% of highly qualified women with children are leaving their careers or off-ramping for a period of time because the traditional workplace doesn’t accommodate mothers. Again, this puts the question on why do moms have to choose between being a mother or having a career? The Wing is starting a real revolution on what we hope sparks larger businesses to offer similar solutions for working moms.

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The childcare service for members only is currently available in their Soho and West Hollywood locations expanding in 2019 to into their new spaces, Toronto, Chicago, and London.

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