What You Really Need On Your Baby Registry

One of the best feelings of becoming a mother is the never-ending amount of love a child brings into your life. Through motherhood, you start to learn new things and view life in a whole different aspect. As a first-time mom, we tend to read many books on diaper changing, breastfeeding, and products to purchase. Some popular questions are: What is important? What are the right products for a baby? What are the items you need on your baby registry?

Knowing what you need on your baby registry can make the journey of becoming a mother so much easier. Here is a list of items that were a blessing for my family, from one mother to another that has been in your shoes before.

what you need on baby registry

Nursery items

Crib, cradle or bassinet – for the baby to sleep in
Mattress – infant mattress to support baby’s body
Bedding set – elevates bedroom décor
Blankets – keep babies warm
Receiving or swaddling blankets –wrap your baby in a swaddling blanket for them to feel like they’re in your womb
Nursery décor – pick color or theme
Nightlight – provides light during the night
Baby monitor – allows parents to see or hear their baby in another room
Hamper – keeps dirty clothes organized
Rocking chair – the perfect place to sit to rock and soothe baby to sleep


Hangers – to hang clothes
Onesies (long and short sleeved) – comfortable clothing combines top with the bottom
Pajamas– to keep baby warm at night
Socks or booties (don’t get shoes until baby walks) – will keep baby’s feet warm
Mittens– prevent babies from scratching their face
Fleece suit for a winter baby – for the baby’s that live in states that are cold
Baby laundry detergent – for baby’s with sensitive skin


Diapers – a great gift to receive in any size to have on hand as the baby grows
Wipes – unscented for sensitive babies
Diaper rash cream – to prevent rashes
Diaper pail and liners – will keep odors of a dirty diaper away

Bath Time

Infant Tub – a safe place to wash a baby in while they are small
Hooded towels – keep baby’s delicate head warm
Washcloths– to gently clean a baby
Shampoo and body wash – baby brand shampoo to cleanse hair and body
Baby lotion – to keep skin moisturized in a baby scent
Hairbrush – a soft brush that is gentle for baby heads
Rubber Ducky – “rubber duckie you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun,” says Ernie from Sesame Street.


Bottles – 4 to 8 ounces because babies are small
Nipples – sometimes babies bite nipples, and they need replacing
Bottle drying rack –keeps bottles organized and away from other dishes
Bottle sterilizer – to make sure bottles are clean
Bottle warmer – babies prefer room temperature milk

Breast pump and accessories

Milk storage bags – store breast milk
Nursing pads – prevents leakage of clothes
Nipple Cream – provide comfort and healing for cracked nipples after breastfeeding
Nursing pillow – encourages proper breastfeeding as well as provides support for mother and baby
Bottlebrush – is to clean bottles efficiently
Dishwasher basket – makes loading and unloading bottles easy
Bibs – keep babies clothes from getting dirty from eating or drooling
Burp clothes – used for babies to spit up
Pacifiers -too many are never enough
Pacifier clip – to keep pacifier on the t-shirt because they get misplaced
High Chair – get one that sits on a regular chair which is less bulky and takes up less space

Health products

Baby nail clipper – clip nails while the baby is asleep
Baby thermometer – use a temporal thermometer because they’re quick and easy
First aid kit – to give medical treatment
Nasal aspirator – to remove mucus when your child is sick
Safety gate – keeps babies from entering unsafe areas
Teething tablets – an oral pain relief
Cool mist humidifier – adds moisture in the air that will help ease coughing

Baby Gear

Infant car seat – for baby to ride/travel safely in the vehicle
Stroller – preferably a stroller that leans back for a child to fall asleep in
Baby swing or bouncer – an item that will keep your baby entertained while you cook
Pack ‘n’ play – also known as travel crib to grandparents
Backseat mirror – to watch the child while the car seat is faced backward when in the infant seat
Diaper bag – to hold all baby items
Baby carrier or wrap – great for babies that like being close to mom or dad at all times; convenient when you have things around the house to complete
Play mat/activity gym – helps baby develop motor skills
Teething toys –chewing toy that relieve sore gums
Books – help babies improve language skills by imitating sounds


Baby month blanket – milestone blanket
Baby memory book – write down all your baby’s sweet moments to remember
Newborn hospital door wreath – to decorate hospital door

The arrival of a baby is exciting and a nervous feeling at the same time. Be prepared for the new life that is about to change yours in the best way you could have ever imagined.

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