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How Millennial Moms are Changing the Rules of Motherhood

How Millennial Moms are Changing the Rules of Motherhood


Millennial moms are making their own rules when it comes to business, motherhood, social life and more. According to Forbes, 20% of millennials are parents, and millennial mothers account for 82% of births in the United States. A study conducted by Motherly claims that millennial women are the most highly educated and first digital generation of women to become mothers. The examples of working mothers that were set by parents of Generation X and Baby Boomers generation are ingrained in the minds of millennial mothers. Millennial mothers feel as though they can improve upon their experiences as a child with their children. Overall, millennial moms feel more optimistic about the state of their motherhood and their children’s future than their parents’ generation.

Being at the forefront of the digital age, millennial mothers are unique from any other generation of mothers. The new group of millennial moms grew up with the Internet with most of their lives, and they consume a lot of media through the digital world. Because of this, they are more tech-savvy and knowledgeable about the market that they are catering to when starting their businesses.

A record number of millennial mothers have college degrees, so they are more educated and more informed, primarily due to the Internet than previous generations. Millennial mothers know exactly what they are looking for and are good at networking throughout social media, even becoming verified social media influencers. They become better marketers for their businesses and are better at time management, giving them time for their family and their social lives. Being business owners also allows them to be flexible with their schedule, balancing their career and their motherhood, letting them prioritize themselves occasionally and hang out with friends, doing something that makes them happy.

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Unlike previous generations, millennial mothers turn to social media and the Internet for parental advice more often. The Internet is filled with overwhelming parenting advice, so they become experts at sorting through the information that they need. While members of Generation X and Baby Boomers generally have strong, traditional parenting techniques, many millennial mothers bring in aspects of parenting techniques from their childhood and advice learned from blogs on the Internet. Taking facets that they enjoyed from their childhood and improving on things that they did not appreciate, millennial mothers are bettering their lives and their children’s lives differently than any other generation ever before.

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