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Important Items to Bring When Traveling With Kids

Important Items to Bring When Traveling With Kids

When packing for a family vacation there are important items that need to be packed for children besides clothes and shoes. Certain essentials can make the car ride or even the airplane ride more exciting. Instead of stopping every couple of hours to let your children play or walk the isles on a plane to pass time, pack a toddler backpack. A backpack that can hold a couple of different small items that will keep your children occupied. These items will not only make their trip run smooth but yours as well.  

tips for traveling with kids

Window Clings

When traveling on an airplane, have your child sit near the window and let their imagination soar. Quickly the beautiful scenery will become dull to them, but use the window to your advantage. Bring out the window clings in either letters or flowers to decorate the window. This is a cool activity that will keep your child entertained for a while, being that they don’t get to stick stuff on an airplane window all the time.

Headphones and Tablet

While on an airplane there might be Wi-Fi that your child can watch movies on, but when traveling in a vehicle (unless you have a DVD player in your car), there isn’t much access to movies. Bring a tablet with downloaded apps that don’t require Wi-Fi such as PBS kids games or kids doodle. Taking the time to download an app before traveling can distract your child for plenty of time.


Toys are very important to bring when traveling with children, but they must be easy to clean up. The size of the toy and different age group determines what toy(s) can be selected. For instance, babies might love toys that rattle or play music while older kids need a little more stimulation. The phrasal template word game known as Mad Libs is a great investment for endless laughs throughout the whole family or even a travel size version of Memory, the matching game, that can be purchased at Wal-Mart for under $10. 

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Crayola Color Wonder and Coloring Pad

Instead of purchasing crayons or markers that may get on your seats, invest in the Crayola Color Wonder and coloring pad. This is the best mess-free activity when on the go. The case turns into a lap desk which makes it easy for children to color. Then when you reach your destination, just throw all the supplies back in the case to take out when convenient.


Kids always get hungry when traveling so always be prepared for their tummies. Before starting a road trip, stop at the grocery store or gas station. Even when traveling on an airplane opened food is not allowed past check-in, so it’s smart to bring unopened food or to stop at the airport store. For a child, eating at the airport restaurant may not be enough to keep their tummies from growling. We all know airplanes offer snacks, but if you have a child that doesn’t like airplane cookies then just be prepared with other options. Stocking up on too many snacks is always better than not enough.

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