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Kid Friendly Vegan Treats You Need to Try

Kid Friendly Vegan Treats You Need to Try


Written By: Jessica Small Are you a new plant-based eater? Are you trying to get your toddler to adopt the same eating habit? Have they found a way to rhyme a vegetable with yucky? Well luckily for you we have a list of four vegan treats your kids will truly love!

Banana Sushi

Trust me your tiny tot will love to eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, especially when it’s rolled in their favorite nut butter and fruity pebbles. I found this recipe on; it should probably take you 5 minutes to do. Don’t forget to use chopsticks for added fun!

Vegan French Toast

What kid doesn’t like the smell of French toast in the morning? Add some rainbow sprinkles, or even some fruit preserves on top with maple syrup, and your toddlers will be screaming for more. I found this recipe on, this recipe should take about 10 minutes to do, but it does ask for gram flour, instead of all-purpose.

Soft Buttery One Hour Pretzel

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Nothing says summer like a warm soft pretzel. Although most soft pretzels are already vegan, you can never indeed be sure these days. You can use the Daiya cheese sauce on the side as a dip or even mustards, I personally like mine plain. I found this recipe on, this recipe takes about 60 minutes to do, but it’s so worth the wait at the end. They’re so soft and buttery!

Easy Vegan Cinnamon Buns

Sunday mornings are for cinnamon buns and coffee. Do yourself and your child a favor by making these super easy cinnamon buns! The buns are crazy easy to make, easy to find dairy and egg substitute, and even the icing is vegan! I found this recipe on; this recipe should take you 60 minutes to make it start to finish. You can also get the kiddos in on the action. Sunday morning breakfast is ready! I’m sure they’ll all go back for seconds. Happy Baking!

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