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Things These 10 Working Moms Do To Start Their Day

Things These 10 Working Moms Do To Start Their Day


Written By: Sneha Sridhar 

Getting up early in the morning and starting your day is difficult for anyone, but working moms have it 100 times harder! From making breakfast and getting yourself ready to get the kids ready and prepping their lunches, mornings can be extremely stressful and chaotic. This is how 10 working moms tackle their busy morning.

Name: Jessica Stewart

Occupation: Dean of Library and Academic Technology

Kids + Ages: Daughter, 5 months

With a 5-month-old daughter who is rapidly developing every day, her morning routine changes within weeks or even days. In a collaborative effort with her husband, Stewart gets up an hour earlier to get herself and her daughter ready. Over time, she has learned that her daughter calms down with music, such as lullabies, making her and her daughter a little less stressed in the morning.

Name: Jeanine Collins

Occupation: Co-Founder of Cultivate Academics

Kids + Ages: Michael, 5; Julia, 1

Collins has learned to wake up earlier and have a schedule written down for her kids to make sure that she and her kids know exactly what the plan is for the next day. Trying to navigate stressful mornings and work on her business, Collins prioritizes her time, makes sure that there is no miscommunication with her family’s schedule, and reminds herself that every day is not going to be perfect and that’s OK.

Name: Linda Hines

Occupation: College Counseling Assistant

Kids + Ages: Son, 10

Over the years, Hines has learned that getting up and ready first allows her to more easily put all of her attention on her kid in the morning and to make sure that everything is running according to schedule. While her mornings feel exponentially shorter and busier, waking up an hour or two earlier has allowed her to have some time for herself and help her son.

Name: Mindy Silverman

Occupation: Registrar

Kids + Ages: Daughter, 10

Silverman has always felt like her life is a constant rush with her kids, especially in the morning. Something that makes her and her kid’s day a little less exhausting is a lot of prepping. She says picking out her daughter’s outfit and making sure her backpack is all set for the next day makes her morning go by easier. Silverman knows her days are chaotic, but her daughter is happy, so she’s willing to make the sacrifices.

Name: Kate Parlin

Occupation: Writer and Editor

Kids + Ages: Twin boys, 3; Baby, 1

As a “non-morning person,” coffee is a must for Parlin. While trying to wake herself up, she gets her twins up and ready for preschool and takes care of her baby. In this stressful flurry of activity, she finds that packing all the necessities that she and her kids need throughout the day in a bag help her get a little more organized and situated throughout the day. – “The Morning Routines for Four Regular Women” – Scary Mommy

Name: Colleen Slater

Occupation: Social Sciences Instructor

Kids + Ages: Twin boys, 3

Slater says that waking up at 4:30 A.M. every morning to work out allows her to have some time to focus on herself before she needs to put all of her attention to her family. With a lot to get done, she takes time in the evening to prep lunch for her kids and finds breakfast foods that her kids like. Often, Slater feels as if she is “on all day and all night,” but she finds that being incredibly organized and having a family calendar makes her chaotic day a little more organized.

Name: E’Dawn Severance

Occupation: Theatre Director

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Kids + Ages: Sabine, 11 ; Trista, 9

Being a theatre director, Severance has a flexible schedule, so she usually has time to spend with her kids in the morning. But when there are early call times or shows and multiple events on the weekend, Severance finds that having her kids call her when they wake up helps everyone. Severance gets to at least talk to her kids that day, and her kids get to talk to their mom and plan out their day with her.

Name: Jessica Hulse Dillon

Kids + Ages: Lucy, 2.5

Dillon remarks that her daughter likes to start the day with her stories, what happened the day before or her favorite show, so Dillon has had to wake up earlier to prep everything so Lucy could talk which takes up to 45 minutes. While getting ready herself and helping Lucy, Dillon has learned to take her breakfast to work with her, usually consisting of Greek yogurt, quinoa granola, and cold brew coffee. – “12 Working Moms Share Their Routines” – The Mama Notes

Name: Maria Shockey

Occupation: English Instructor

Kids + Ages: Daughters, 5 & 3

Mornings are very hectic and stressful in the Shockey household, so nightly prep and lunches ready in the morning are a must. “No second can be spared,” says Shockey. Even though she is very stressed, she makes sure that her kids don’t feel that stress. To help, she makes sure that backpacks are packed and in the car the night before, so if they are late in the morning, she doesn’t have to be looking all over the house for her daughter’s things.

Name: Sarah Kulchar

Occupation: Editor for Online Magazines

Kids + Ages: Son, 1.5

Kulchar has had her fair share of hectic mornings, and she finds that limiting time-consuming tasks helps ease the stress. Things like showering will need to happen the night before. Everything that can be done the night before helps give extra time in the morning to get her son ready. – “14 Working Moms Share The Morning Routine That Sets Up Their Day for Success” – FairyGodBoss

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