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The Perfect Mom Calls for the Perfect Pair of Mom Jeans

The Perfect Mom Calls for the Perfect Pair of Mom Jeans


Hippie headbands, leg warmers, and go-go boots haven’t entirely made their way into today’s’ trends, but some looks never seem to go out of style. To this day, females can’t seem to shake off the Mom jeans look, bringing back the 90s fever in various shades, patterns and detailing. The look of the Mom jeans was a denim disgrace before their modern revival. The high-waisted, tapered, yet comfortable, ankle rolled denim has made its mark on contemporary society and has been rediscovered by kids, tweens, teens, young adults of all ages- and course moms. Varying in washes and details, here is a list of a few affordable and body-loving pairs of Mom jeans that are waiting to be yours.

American Eagle

American Eagle Mom Jean

Price: $37.46

Why you need this pair: American Eagle gives its customers the opportunity to customize jeans, so you are covered for whatever event you have planned. For just $5 additional charge, jeans can be personalized with a back patch design to be modified to personal expectations, creating a unique piece of your own. This pair of Mom jeans are structured and can be ordered in the retro indigo stripe pattern, perfect for running errands, out to lunch or even a Friday night out.


Levi’s Mom Jeans

Price: $69.98

Why you need this pair: With Levi Strauss birthing denim, it only makes sense to shop a brand where it all began. This vintage “Donna Martin” wash nails the classic, high-waisted 90s look with a rip in the left leg. This jean gives an effortless casual look, going wherever you need to go in a day. Additionally, Levi’s offers 20% off and free shipping to all new email subscribers.


H&M Mom Jeans

Price: $29.99

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Why you need this pair: At a reasonable price, this pair hits at the right height and comes in a light blue or black denim wash- depending on your desired denim shade. This pair of Mom jeans can take you to work, meetings, dinners and more its a simple 5- pocket look and straight leg silhouette. Since H&M offers free shipping over $40, you might as well score two pairs delivered to your doorstep.


PacSun Mom Jeans

Price: $26.49

Why you need this pair: In a subtle blush color, the Mom jean style can capture the perfect form, in a more delicate shade and edgy look, available online only. This pair is chic and exquisite, reserved for unique occasions beyond the office. The slight rips and pale coloring is the perfect look for any event in the spring or summer, ready to make a statement. PacSun offers free shipping and returns, so if they don’t work out on the first order, you can exchange the jeans until you achieve the perfect fit.

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