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10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage this Valentine’s Day

10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day might seem like another day to you and your husband, but it can serve as a reminder to put time toward each other. Life is hectic, especially with kids. This can leave no time for romance and no time to just be; be with one another physically or be with one another emotionally. This Valentine’s Day, put forth the effort and do something out of the ordinary using these 10 ideas to spice up your marriage.

Go on a date

Okay, this might sound obvious, but I’m not talking about a normal date. Get a babysitter and really date each other. Pretend like you’re on your first date and get to know each other all over again. To really shake things up, relive your first date. For a lot of you, it’s probably been awhile since your first date, but you can pretend. Get ready separately and dress up. You might be surprised when you start feeling a little nervous to date your spouse, but those feelings are good. It means you’re doing something out of the ordinary. When you go on your date, instead of eating quickly, spend time with each other having a deep, intimate conversation.

Acknowledge love languages

Everyone has a different love language. If you don’t know your spouses, take a quick quiz online and learn what their’s is. Research ways to make your spouse feel special by using their love language. For example, if your husband’s love language is words of affirmation, spend the day giving him compliments on everything he does. Taking time to acknowledge each others love language will lead to a very special Valentine’s Day.

Cook together

Cooking is a great way to bond with each other. It’s so easy to get lost in life and find yourself cooking the same thing each week. Spend time finding a fun, new recipe and cook together. You’ll find yourself getting lost in fun conversation over the new food!

Spend the day together

If you are both able to, take the day off work and do your normal routine, but together. Take the kids to school together, get your shopping done and make every normal thing you do become quality time. Not only will this make you appreciate each other, it will show what a team you really are.

Take a coffee break

Maybe you can’t take the day off work, but there is always time for a coffee date. Conversation brews easy over a good cup of coffee (or tea) and it will make you miss each other more. When you go back to work, you’ll be anticipating the evening together.


Turn on your wedding song and dance with each other. This will bring back so many memories of a beautiful day, the day when your love blossomed into something deeper.

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Watch your wedding video

Wedding videos are something that usually get stored away and never pulled back out. Cuddle up in bed together and watch the video. Take time to reminisce about your big day. To spice it up a little, write new vows to each other!

Uninterrupted conversation

Phones, kids and jobs and can be distracting when it comes to holding a conversation. Put the phones away, tuck the kids in bed and grab a glass of wine. Sit on the couch and have an uninterrupted conversation with each other.

Text each other

Text messages can be like little love letters. Send your husband random love texts throughout the day to let him know you’re thinking of him. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop flirting!

Do what your husband wants to do

There’s no better way to make your husband happy than doing what he wants to do. If this means playing video games, play them with him. He’ll remember why he fell in love with you. Sharing hobbies is a great way to bond!

What are you planning to do to spice up your marriage this Valentine’s Day?

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