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Nesting the Nursery

Nesting the Nursery


Only a few more weeks to go and we’ve gone full nesting mode. We’ve successfully unwrapped all the baby shower gifts, and pulled all of the things we’ve bought for a new baby in the middle of the nursery and had no idea where to put anything. Not to worry! I have a few tips and tricks to organize the heck out of that nursery!

Tip #1: Using a bar cart

Most people use a bar cart to store their spirits and glasses, but bar carts could be used to store diapers, wipes, bottles, breast pump, and all the other things you might need to be easily accessible and portable. I recommend getting the target bar carts with three shelves to get maximum use out of the portable contraption.

Tip #2: Nursery Closet Dividers

You can find some printable ones on Pinterest, and these could be used to properly divide all the clothes you received from family and friends that aren’t quite ready to be worn by a newborn. These dividers are separated by sizes starting at newborn- 4T. This is the perfect way to keep and your baby’s clothes in order.

Tip #3: Drawer Organizers

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These would be best for organizing items that don’t necessarily need to be hung on a hanger, like socks, hats, pants, shorts, or mittens. They all would have their place and would be neatly organized when opening your baby dresser.

Tip #4: Bottle and Wipe warmers

These are so helpful for new parents who don’t remember all the instruction they were given at the hospital about heating the bottles. A bottle warmer comes in handy when you need your baby bottle cook at its appropriate temp. Sometimes we find ourselves heating the baby bottle too much and end up burning ourselves. With this, we can accurately heat the bottle at the perfect temperature. The wipe warmer is more of a commodity, and no one likes a sudden cold on our skin, the wipes would be at a slightly warmer temp to reduce the shock of the sudden chill on your baby’s bottom.

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