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Why Moms Should Drop Work-life Balance in 2019

Why Moms Should Drop Work-life Balance in 2019


Written By: Sneha Sridhar

Everyone is obsessed with finding a work-life balance, but finding that balance is especially harder for moms. From taking care of the family at home to doing their jobs at work and having a personal social life, it can be stressful for moms to strive for an idealistic and mythical work-life balance. So why deal with it anyway?

While it would be amazing if professional and personal lives lived in harmony, inevitably there would be conflicts. This isn’t a necessarily bad thing; it just means that you have to prioritize what you need to do and not stress yourself out. While women can do anything, it doesn’t mean we have to do everything. The goal shouldn’t be to do everything and feel overwhelmed. The goal should be to be happier, more satisfied, and more present in all areas of your life. As the age-old saying goes, “quality over quantity.” It doesn’t matter how many hours you log at work or if you spend every single second of your day with your kids. However, it does matter how you utilize the time that you do spend at work and with your family. An hour of your time when you are present at work and home is much more valuable than an entire day of feeling chaotic and stressed. Instead of weighing your life on a scale, you could integrate your home and work life instead of stressing to make sure they are equal.

There will be times when your family needs you more and times when your career will require more attention. Instead of giving yourself anxiety which will only upset your kids and decrease your quality of work at your job, let go of the idealistic “work-life balance” and focus on your priorities. Make your own “work-life balance.”

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If that means giving your kids a microwaveable dinner a couple of times a week so that you’ll have more time to talk to them at night or getting rid of the expectation that everything on your long to-do list is going to get done, then do it because it will help you be less stressed and happier. This gives you the opportunity to have quality time with your kids at home and doing quality work at your job.

The idealized “work-life balance” has to stay in 2018. In 2019, working moms should be able to prioritize what they need to do at the moment and live life in the present, instead of weighing their life on a balance scale.

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