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Activities to Keep You and Your Little One Occupied on Rainy Days

Activities to Keep You and Your Little One Occupied on Rainy Days


Written By: Ashley Hunter

You probably dread the word “rain.” Your mind immediately goes to being stuck inside with the children having nothing to do. This is why you need a plan in place. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to control the weather. These activities will have you and your children excited for rainy days. So let’s turn that frown upside down and get ready to have some fun!


Baking with your children can be so much fun! Not only does it occupy time, but everyone gets a treat out of it. There is nothing more rewarding than baking something from scratch, only to find out you succeeded and created something delicious. Your kids will be so excited about the baking and all of their energy will be focussed on it. This means you can survive without them running around outside! This is a great brownie recipe everyone will love. Make sure to keep the ingredients on hand for those days when the sky decides to turn gray.

Write a play

There is no better way to engage your child’s creativity than making up stories. Go to your closet and find a few items. Hand them to your children and tell them to let their imaginations soar! Create an area to use as the stage and help your children produce the best at home play anyone has ever seen. They will think this is so fun, but they will also be proud of themselves for creating something on their own.

Make a tent

Tents are always a good idea, especially on rainy days. When the weather is bad, the best thing to do is snuggle up and read some books. Instead of sitting on the couch to read, make a tent! Grab as many pillows and blankets you can find. String the blankets on a few chairs, throw some pillows inside and find some books to read! When a tent is involved, your children will want you to read to them all day. This is such a fun, easy way to spend those rainy days!

Movie day

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Who doesn’t love movies? Let your children help you choose 2-3 movies to watch. Make some popcorn, grab some candy and watch away! Instead of being quiet like at the movies, laugh all you want, talk all you want and dance all you want! There are no rules to movie day. Just have the most fun you can and cherish every second.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are so much fun, but they are pretty rare to come by. Set one up for a fun day full of memories. If your child has a puppet set, use this as the photo booth. Grab some scarves, sunglasses or stuffed animals and snap as many photos as you can. If you feel like getting out, develop your photos and grab a photo album to stick them in. Your children will love it!

Even though rainy days have a reputation for bringing people down, there are so many ways for you and your children to have fun! Think outside the box and you’ll be back to sunshine in no time. What are some of your favorite ways to spend rainy days?

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