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Tips On Reading With Your Children

Tips On Reading With Your Children


Some kids have no desire to read books, some children would much rather watch Netflix and play until bedtime. But reading is fundamental and we, as parents, must spark that light in the joy of reading.

The best way to get your children excited about reading is to allow them to pick the book. We all have our favorite children’s book, but times are the children’s book topics are getting more accurate for today’s climate. One of my favorite books is “Mahala’s Magic Pen”.

Children today want to read about things that are more realistic, their desire to learn is real and we should nurture that. So we allow our kids to choose what book they want to read and we read it to them. This gets them more involved and excited about learning. Even if they aren’t at that age of reading complete sentences, the more exposure to the words the easier reading will be for them.


If your child can read some words, reading with is great to help in the development of  literacy at a young age. If they stumble on certain words help them sound it out, or read out loud together so they can learn what the bigger or harder words are supposed to sound like.

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Reading with your child should not be hard, just allow them the option to choose what they are interested in, and read with them instead of at them. If they are not allowed to try, they’ll never get the opportunity to start their path on successful reading.

Happy Reading!

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