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How To Make Your Child Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day

How To Make Your Child Feel Extra Special On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because growing up I always felt extremely loved. It wasn’t because a man was holding a bouquet of roses standing at my door expressing how much I meant to him. It was because when I woke up, my MOM went out of her way to make sure my sister and I knew how important we were to her and how much she loved us. The house wasn’t decorated all extravagant with hearts everywhere. All she had were little gifts with her handwriting notes that until this day I still have as an adult to look back on and read the unconditional love my mom has for me.

Instead of purchasing your child a big chocolate teddy bear step outside the box and give them something original. Even make the day a family affair that they will never forget. Whatever you choose to do make sure your kids feel EXTRA loved on this special day. Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children.

Write In a Book

Pick out any book that you think your kids may like such as a children’s book or chapter book. Write down in the book how important they are and what you love about them. As years go by your child can pick up the book and feel loved even when you’re not around. Even for children who can’t read this book idea is good because they can hear positive words which become their inner voice.

Sugar Cookies

Make baking cookies a family affair where everyone can cut, frost and decorate. After the cookies are done, enjoy them with some pink strawberry milk. This can also be turned into a fun bonding activity to make cookies for the children at school. Instead of passing out Valentine cards pass out cookies in a cute goody bag. The whole class will enjoy the sugar cookies made with love.

Enjoy a Valentines Meal

Depending on everyone’s busy schedules set a time to eat breakfast or dinner as a family. For breakfast make heart shaped pancakes with strawberries cut in a heart. For dinner decorate pizza with all the toppings your stomach desires. Even get extra creative and form the dough into a heart. Either meal your family chooses to enjoy together can be eaten on a decorative table. Set the table with red or pink plates, cups, and silverware to make it festive.

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Wrap a Gift

The gift doesn’t have to be anything expensive just simple. For instance, purchase Valentine’s shirt for your child to wear to school. Wrap it up in heart wrapping paper for them to unwrap in the morning after all the thought is what counts.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some of these ideas to remind your kids that you love everything about them. The XO Mom hopes you all have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

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