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The Little Wing is Now Open in NYC

The Little Wing is Now Open in NYC


Written By: Khaila Thomas

The Little Wing, onsite childcare provided by The Wing, is now open in SoHo, NY. The Little Wing is described as a “support system for moms and families by creating a magical space for their kids to gather under the same roof” on its website.

The Wing is a community space and network designed for women, where the act of coming together “creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womankind.”

And in contributing to new opportunities and greater mobility, there has to be an acknowledgment of combining career and motherhood. And how those things can be difficult to balance. The Wing solved just that with The Little Wing by offering childcare for those with flexible schedules or moms that want a change of scenery other than their home office.

Photo By: Emily Gilbert

With The Little Wing’s first opening, here is what’s offered so far:

  • Babysitting – at $25 for two hours with Wingsitters, your kid gets the opportunity to try out various weekly activities and themes.

  • Enrichment classes – at $28 children get to take courses such as music and movement, art, yoga, and early literacy development with local experts and teachers.

  • Parent support groups and workshops – this gives women the chance to connect with fellow parents of the Wing family, as well as parenting experts that have groups and workshops on various topics from returning to work after parental leave or sleep training for your little one.  

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  • Open Play – Weekend mornings for The Little Wing members and their families have access for kids to play.

With onsite childcare, breast pumping room, and amenities like conference rooms, showers and lockers, Perch café, and a quiet room, The Wing offers a complete changeup for how women are supposed to work, obtain childcare, and connect with other women and moms.  

The Wing locations continue to expand with West Hollywood, Chicago, Boston, and London opening locations in 2019. Toronto and Seattle are going to see openings in 2020, so stay tuned for locations near you and potential The Little Wing openings for current active locations.

As noted on the website “costs for offerings at The Little Wing are in addition to Wing membership fees,” but it seems like an investment for women and their little one’s future. Apply on The Wing’s site if this sounds like the mixture of childcare, career, and womanhood you’ve been looking for.

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