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March Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month

March Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month


It’s the third month of the year, and it was an undeniably slow four weeks. But spring has sprung, Women’s History month came and went, the wealthy are cheating for their kids to get into esteemed colleges, U.S. mothers have the worst work-life balance, and the Toy Story 4 trailer and release date finally dropped. Here’s an overview of that and more that went down this month.

Must-have Purchases

  • Women’s History Month – Hopefully you were able to get a ‘the future is female’ t-shirt because March was Women’s History Month. Target featured women workers, female diversity, and their female-oriented picks from the store. From catchy mugs, notebooks, and t-shirts, self-care books, and beauty products, Target demonstrated that women are more than moms and child bearers but also working history makers. Check out their stuff, you’re bound to love it!

  • Spring is here! – It’s officially spring, which means stores have rolled out Easter items, apparel, beautiful flowers and plants, and outdoor activities and furniture. This gives you the chance to get an early start on a DIY Easter basket or Easter egg hunt party. Perhaps check out the plants and gardening section to add some flair to the house or try planting something with the kids. And don’t forget to look at the plethora of clothes and styles, you can never have too many floral patterned or pastel items.

  • Amazon’s skincare line – Amazon has continued to stay one step ahead of the game by making their own music streaming, clothing subscription, grocery delivery, and now they’ve added skincare to the list. The line is called Belei, and it features moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers, and blemish control. It’s dermatologist tested, free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and not tested on animals. There aren’t many reviews for it yet, but knowing Amazon, it’s probably worth a shot.

Health News

  • The CDC reports that children are more vulnerable to whooping cough. The reasoning behind it is that the vaccine has become less effective than it used to be. The bacteria a part of the disease has apparently mutated, which means that a new vaccine is being made to deal with its progression. Whooping cough mimics a common cold with fever and runny nose, but the ‘whoop’ cough doesn’t show up until weeks later. It’s treated with antibiotics, but catching it early for treatment is very important.

  • The early introduction of food allergens for infants reduces the risk of the allergy forming later on. The American Academy of Pediatrics has introduced new guidelines to avoid life-threatening allergies in babies called “purposeful feeding.” For example, to avoid a peanut allergy if high risk, foods containing safe forms of peanuts such as in purees, should be introduced in specific amounts three times a week to 4-6-month olds. The study concluded, “only 1.9 percent introduced to peanuts early developed an allergy, compared to 13.7 percent of kids who waited until they were 5 years of age.” However, babies with a high risk of developing allergies or current sensitivities should be monitored during this process and follow AAP guidelines.

  • Sociology research found that U.S. mothers have the worst work-life balance. Sociologist Caitlyn Collins studied parenthood in four wealthy western countries for five years and came to this conclusion. The reasoning for this poor work-life balance is primarily the fact American working mothers have the least amount of support. This minimal support is mental, economic, social, and political.  In her first book chapter, Collins states: “Mothers in the US face pressure to perform “intensive mothering”—that is, motherhood and marriage should be women’s primary, all-absorbing commitment. This cultural ideal stipulates that women find meaning, creativity, and fulfillment in caring for a husband and children who are fragile and in need of a mother’s loving care.” Check out her book Making Motherhood Work: How Women Manage Careers and Caregiving for more.

Pop Culture

  • Meghan Markle – After having her baby shower last month in New York with some famous close friends, it’s rumored to be that she’s going to be giving birth to a baby boy next month! It’s not confirmed, but blue gifts could be seen peeking out brought in by guests. Reportedly the nursery color scheme is shades of grey since she wants to take a fluid approach to gender. She also wants to raise her child a feminist because of a Netflix documentary that made an impression on her. Looks like this royal baby will have a different outlook on life and we’re here for it!

  • College admission scandal – High profile parents have been arrested by the FBI and publicly shamed earlier this month for paying their way, cheating on standardized testing, and lying about their children being on sports teams to get them into well-known and prestigious colleges. Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are the primary targets of conversation because they are famous actresses seen in popular shows such as Full House and Desperate Housewives. It has brought forth the discussion about college donations from wealthy individuals, how the playing field isn’t level for everyone, snowplow parenting lets kids off the hook from working for or earning anything, and the teens that genuinely work hard to get into these esteemed schools may be sidelined because of privileged and wealthy behavior. We just have to sit back and wait to see how the trials go.

    See Also

  • J-Rod is getting married! – Yup, after dating for two years Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez during their Bahamas vacation and presented her with a 16-carat diamond ring, which he picked out himself. The pair even got a congratulations letter written by Barack Obama! By tying the knot, the two will become a blended family consisting of Rodriguez’s two daughters and Lopez’s twin son and daughter. Cheers to the happy couple from The XO Mom team!

Movies, Television, and Netflix, Oh My!

  • The trailers for Toy Story 4 and Dora the Explorer dropped, and Shazam and Us is bringing in the praise with their debuts. The Toy Story 4 trailer set Twitter aflutter by introducing a new character and reintroducing a character that was thought to be lost based off of the last movie. It also looks like Woody has some thinking to do about his toy occupation. While Dora the Explorer didn’t get the same attention, take it from someone who grew up on Dora, it looks pretty great. Portraying Dora as a high school student that gets swept into suddenly exploring for something pretty big with classmates and her cousin Diego at her side was unexpected, but I’m definitely here for it.

  • Next, the DC universe film Shazam about a teenage boy that transforms into a grown man superhero after being bestowed the power is doing surprisingly well in terms of reviews. DCU doesn’t have the most excellent track record when it comes to the way the franchise is represented. But after the success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and now Shazam, hopefully, this turns the movie franchise in wonderous direction. And lastly, Jordan Peele’s Us holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94 percent, which means it won’t disappoint. If you’re interested in a psychological thriller with an allusion to classism and whatever else he’s managed to sneak in there, it’s the movie for you.  

  • The Netflix show Workin’ Moms is a must-watch, relatable one season. The show has its faults just like any other regarding its representation of diversity, class, privilege, and unrelatable characters. Seeing moms working in the media is an image we could all use more of. But Workin’ Moms shows these moms continue their lives outside of just work and their mom status. It depicts them balancing relationships, hobbies, and being human women that can also be downright self-absorbed, not the best at mothering, and unrefined. Check out the trailer for yourself.

  • Concerning Cartoon Network, they’re opening a hotel this summer in Pennsylvania. The 165-room hotel will be adjacent to Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park and its attractions, three dozen rides, and shows. The hotel will also include a swimming pool with lifeguard on duty, fire-pit gatherings, indoor pool, play area, coffee lounge, lawn games, arcade, wine bar, and a Cartoon Network store. Staying true to the Cartoon Network theme, shows and characters reflected will be Steven Universe, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and We Bare Bears. Sounds like an excellent trip for the summer!

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