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10 Tips for Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

10 Tips for Traveling Abroad with a Toddler


Traveling abroad with a toddler can be quite a challenge. Between the tantrum on the airplane to not knowing where to find kid-friendly activities, it seems like every portion of a trip with a toddler is difficult. However, it is possible! To help you out, here are ten tips for traveling abroad with a toddler.

Get Your Vaccinations Early

Firstly, certain abroad travel destinations require vaccinations. Check with your physician a few months before your departure, as some vaccinations require multiple shots spaced out over time.

Secondly, try to get your vaccinations done at least a week prior to your departure date. Your little toddler’s immune system will be learning how to fight against those bacteria, so that means there will be a few days with unfortunate symptoms. You definitely won’t want to be dealing with those on your vacation.

Pack Extra Clothes

We all know that toddlers are messy. They are messy and go through a lot of clothes. They make you get messy and go through a lot of clothes. When you’re at home, you can just go to your closet and grab something else to wear or do another load of laundry. But when you’re traveling abroad, you might not have that luxury! So definitely remember to pack some extra clothes for both you and your toddler.

Bring Your Toddler’s Favorite Snacks

When traveling abroad, the food – including the familiar snacks from home – will be completely different. So if your toddler is committed to a specific brand of animal crackers, be sure to bring a ton of them, because there’s a good chance you won’t be able to buy more while you’re abroad.

Bring Some Tylenol or Advil for the Ear Pain on the Airplane

Little children have very sensitive ears when it comes to air pressure. That can make takeoff and landing very painful experiences. So to help with that some doctors recommend Tylenol or Advil. However, please check with your child’s pediatrician before taking any medication.

Try to Book a Flight that Arrives in the Evening

One of the hardest struggles to deal with when traveling abroad with toddlers is jetlag. Ask them to sleep early, and they won’t be able to do it. Try to get them to stay up, and they’ll be cranky. A solution to this problem is to book a flight that lands in the evening. After several hours on an airplane, your toddlers will undoubtedly be wiped out and ready for bed! They’ll go to bed at an appropriate time in their new time zone and be ready to explore the next day!

Download Netflix Shows

Did you know that you can download Netflix shows to watch when you don’t have service? Like when you are on the airplane? So before you head on a long flight to a different country, download episodes of your child’s favorite shows to keep them entertained.

Ask for a Cot or Rollaway at Your Hotel

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Is your toddler not quite big enough to sleep in an adult-sized bed? Ask your hotel for a cot or rollaway! It’ll be just the right size for your little toddler to snuggle up and get a good night’s rest.

Just as a note, sometimes hotels do charge an extra fee for a cot or rollaway.

Make Sure Your Toddler Gets His or Her Sleep

Nobody likes a cranky toddler. To try to avoid that at all costs, make sure your little toddler gets his or her sleep in that cozy little cot you asked your hotel for. Maybe even try squeezing in an extra nap on the first couple of days to get him or her used to the jetlag.

Look Up Toddler-Friendly Activities in Your Destination

Before going to your destination, look up toddler-friendly activities to do there. Children’s museums, zoos, parks, and beaches are always fantastic choices. If there is a place that you as a parent desperately want to go to, but it’s not all kid-friendly, find a way to spin it! For example, the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles is not the most toddler-friendly activity. There are a ton of people all over the area and, odds are, your kids won’t even recognize the majority of the people’s names on the stars. To make it more kid-friendly, why not make the Hollywood Walk of Fame a race to find the handprint of the one and only Mickey Mouse!

Don’t Expect Everything to Go as Planned

Traveling, in general, can be difficult. Traveling abroad with a toddler is basically guaranteed to be difficult. Even if you’ve planned out every minute of every day and packed everything you could possibly need, there is still a possibility that something will go wrong. It’s important to learn how to go with the flow – and teach your toddler how to do that too

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