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5 Tips for Working Moms to Find Calm in the Chaos

5 Tips for Working Moms to Find Calm in the Chaos


Motherhood can feel chaotic at times. Sometimes, when your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, it can feel very disorganized and stressful. But there are simple and easy ways to bring a little more calmness and ease into your life, helping not only you but your entire family.

1. Enjoy Family Rituals

No matter how long they are or how often they occur, family rituals create memories with your family. They create a time to be with your family and make connections together. Whether that be a daily ritual like having family dinner or weekly rituals like movie night, family rituals can definitely slow down the chaos of everyone’s life.

2. Use the Commute to Work for Self-Care

To create some calm in your day, especially before you get to work, you can have some “me-time” in the car. Whether that be listening to audiobooks, music, or just practicing deep breathing, taking intentional time in your day to focus on you can create a less stressful day.

3. Create Activities

This helps especially if you have young children. To have a little bit of quiet in a loud house, setting up crafts or letting them decorate cookies can keep them occupied and allow them to have fun, while you have some time to yourself.

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4. Live in the Present

While it seems simple and cliché, you will feel like your life is more disorganized and chaotic if you spend your whole day stressing about the million things that you have to do. Instead of living in the past or the future, take a moment and live in the present and take in the joy that being with your family or doing things that you like present.

5. Let Go of Unimportant Things

Sometimes, you have to prioritize the things that are important to you, and let some of the other things go. Even if that means giving yourself a break or postponing something until tomorrow, it can give you more time to do what is important to you and allow you to be a little less stressed.

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