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5 Tips To Prepare Your First Born For A New Baby

5 Tips To Prepare Your First Born For A New Baby


Being the only sibling can be loads of fun, and having all the attention to yourself is a great perk! But what happens when all of it is taken away and mom and dad bring home a new bundle of joy? Here are five tips to make the transition a breeze for your first born.

Involve him or her

Make sure you are involving your first born as much as possible so they feel apart of the process. Let them help pick out baby toys or clothes, or even help set up the nursery.

Let them know

Tell them what is happening, let them know that there is a new baby on the way and what that means for the family.

Make them feel safe

Some children might show regression or throw some tantrums. Make sure you’re spending as much time as you can with them during the pregnancy while also encouraging some independent play with your supervision.

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Explain that they were a baby once before

Go through some of their baby photos and talk about how growing up and changing can be a good thing and monitor how they react to this talk.

Allow them to go through their emotions

Some children feel angry, they might even throw a tantrum, allow them to work through these emotions and maintain communication with them on what this change means and keep them involved.

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