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SNOO Introduces Rental To Their Wildly Popular Brand

SNOO Introduces Rental To Their Wildly Popular Brand


Sleeping on a babies schedule is extremely hard when they wake up regularly during the night. Parents always talk about their sleepless nights to those who are expecting but, it isn’t until the baby is delivered that they understand. Dr. Harvey Karp created SNOO, the bassinet that imitates the womb to enhance sleep for babies and parents. From reviews, parents all around have given this product five stars. It is considered a lifesaver, game changer, and the best baby sleeping product.

SNOO is the only bed that keeps babies on their back all night while rocking. This smart sleeper adds 1+ hours of sleep/night and calms babies within one minute. The bassinet also has worked for parents while preparing a meal. During the time you’re cooking instead of using a sling carrier to hold your baby try laying them in the SNOO. Unlike a wooden crib, it isn’t a hassle to move around making monitoring your baby from any location easy.

Included accessories with the bassinet are three SNOO sacks made with 100% organic cotton and mesh to reduce heat. One fitted sheet also made out of cotton which is the best choice when choosing a baby crib sheet — a mattress and a water-resistant cover to protect from diaper leaks while asleep. SNOO can be used for babies up to 6 months or 25lbs. Also, there is a mobile app that automatically tracks the baby’s progress using the sleep log and a gentle preemie/ newborn mode that modifies motion.

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This smart sleeper can be purchased for $1,295 or rented for $4.90/day. A 30 day, no risk trial starts day of delivery for those who choose to buy the product. For those who rent it, a deposit of $175 is charged the first month but, it is refundable. SNOO can be returned in the original box it came in so, make sure it is in a safe place. Always remember with SNOO “when a baby sleeps… everyone sleeps.”

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