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3 Apps For A Digital Detox

3 Apps For A Digital Detox


Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that you may be addicted to your phone. It’s very easy to get lost, endlessly scrolling through Instagram, but especially as a working mother with many responsibilities, sometimes you just need a digital detox for a while. Here are 3 apps that can help you with your digital detox.


Moment, free and available to iPhone users, is a great app to begin your digital detox as it automatically spends on your phone. You can set yourself daily limits, notifying you when you go over your limit. By using Moment, you can slowly take yourself away from your phone and become more conscious of your screen time.


Freedom, available for both Android and iPhone users, can help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. It allows you to turn your phone off or pick what you can do on your phone and block other time-consuming apps. Freedom allows you to be at your most-productive, taking away all distractions.

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Forest, available to Android and iPhone users, provides a challenge that tests your ability to beat your social addiction. You begin by planting a seed in a forest, watching it grow. But if you leave the app to check social media, then your tree will begin to wither. The longer you spend away from social media, the more your forest will grow.

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