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8 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers this Spring

8 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers this Spring


Spring is coming, and that means it’s the perfect time to get your toddlers to spend time outdoors! Here are eight great outdoor activities for you and your toddlers to do this spring.

Take a Swim

The cold weather is melting away and the water is heating up! That means it’s time to jump in the water and try your hand at swimming! Slip on pool floaties for your toddlers and jump in!

Tackle an Easy Hike

Spring can be the perfect time to go hiking. It’s not too cold and not too hot. While there is the common misconception that hiking is guaranteed to be difficult, there are actually many hikes that are like walks with a view! Do a little research and find easy hikes in your area to do with your toddlers.

Go to a Playground

After being cozied up in the house all winter, your toddlers are probably dying to go outside and have some fun. A playground is the perfect place to go! Your toddlers will finally be able to swing on monkey bars, climb up ladders, and slide down slides!

Pick Flowers for a Bouquet

In the spring, all of the flowers are finally blooming! Have your toddlers pick a few of their favorites and make them into a stunning bouquet. Place them in a vase and make it the perfect centerpiece for your family’s dining table.

Pick Your Own Fruits

Not only are the flowers blooming, but the fruits are growing too! Head out to your local farm with your toddlers to pick fresh fruits. Then, at the end of your day, you’ll have some delicious kiwis, apricots, or strawberries to enjoy!

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Build a Sandcastle

Head to the beach this spring and dig your hands in the sand! It’s finally warm enough to build a sandcastle! So pull out the buckets and shovels from storage and head to the beach with your toddlers.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage your toddlers to explore on their own with a scavenger hunt! Give them either a list of words or a set of pictures and have them try to find the items. Maybe add a specific flower, a yellow leaf, or a monarch butterfly to the list!

Plant a Garden

It’s time to get your hands dirty! Spring is the season when plants bloom, so why not teach your kids about the plant growth process by planting some seeds of their own! Then, after a few weeks you’ll have a sprout and further into the future, you might even have a beautiful flower or some tasty fruit!

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