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Mom Finds: Oogiebear

Mom Finds: Oogiebear

One of the saddest feelings as a mother is to see your baby suffer from dry, stubborn crusty, sticky boogers.  Unlike adults, babies can’t blow their nose which makes them uncomfortable when breathing, nursing, and sleeping. Seeing any child in discomfort makes a mother try everything to put their child at ease. Nina Farzin, a mother of three, has had her fair share of cold and flu seasons. She knew there had to be a better way to get dry, crusty boogers out without causing her little ones to be uncomfortable and with this feeling, Oogiebear was born.

Oogiebear is a two-sided tool to get rid of the sticky boogers using the loop-end while the scoop end is for the dried up boogers. This flexible tool is easy for parents to grasp and gentle enough for a baby. “The bear –headed design is both fun and safe –preventing the Oogiebear from going too far into the baby’s nose,” says Nina Farzin. Unlike Oogiebear, a nasal bulb aspirator is too big to fit in babies nose. It was never intended to go into a baby’s nose but, only as a cleaning device for a baby’s mouth. The bulb creates more discomfort pushing mucus further into the nose.  

Boogers may not be an issue for your child but, ear wax may be a problem. Oogiebear also has a great ear wax removal tool. Any child going through nose or ear issues will be relieved after the use of this tool. Even the newest product Oogie Nose Balm is a great solution to heal and protect the baby’s skin. The nose balm can be applied to the baby’s nose, face and lips as often as needed. Don’t worry moms this product can be used on you as well.

The plan of creating a unique company known as Oogie Solutions was never set to be Nina Farzin own business. She is a career professional, loving wife, and mother who, like today’s woman, is striving to master life’s balancing act. However, it was this balancing act that inspired the creation of Oogiebear.

For all the other mothers who have an idea of a product, they would like to invent “Don’t let anything stand in your way, keep moving forward! Many obstacles will present themselves …. Find your way around them to reach your goal and never give up” says Nina Farzin.

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Oogie Solutions is devoted to creating better, safer and natural products to care for your babies.


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