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10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

easter basket ideas for kids

Easter baskets can quickly become difficult to fill with things other than jellybean-filled eggs, chocolate-covered marshmallow treats and other rabbit-shaped sweets. So to spice up your child’s Easter basket with non-sugar related items, here are ten non-candy easter basket ideas to consider instead.


It may seem underwhelming at first read, but bubbles are a never-ending source of fun as a kid. You can blow bubbles outside, in your bedroom, or in the car. They work rain or shine, they never expire, and it takes a while for bubbles to run out. Also, bubble technology has evolved to include colored bubbles, bubble guns, bubble machines, and gigantic bubble wands. It’s undoubtedly worth consideration for any Easter basket.

A Nice Tumbler, Mug, or Cup

If you have childhood memories of a go-to cup whenever you were thirsty, then you know how great this gift could be. A sturdy plastic cup with a straw featuring a favorite cartoon character or a mug printed with a movie ensemble is a gift that keeps on giving multiple times over. They also help the environment since they’re reusable! And you can stuff the cup with any small gadgets you stumble upon during the Easter basket process.

Arts & Crafts Kit

Kits like these are great because they not only have a multiplicity of things to make, but they’re low in price and provide many options for each gender. Friendship bracelets, bow making, pottery, painting wooden planes and cars, slime making, molding sharks and skeletons, color your own mugs, knitting, and more. Plus, some of these kits could become hobbies and skills in the future!

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a common Easter basket stuffer that your kids are bound to appreciate. They can immediately become the best buddy, someone to sleep next to at night, and a comforting companion if they have to travel or sleepover. Also, stuffed animals have gotten high tech these days and can be customized with recorded heartbeats and sayings for sentimental value. And a book and stuffed animal combo allows your kid to have a story to the animal for further connection. You can’t go wrong with one!      

Dolls or Action Figures

Children will never get tired of the newest Barbie dolls or Avengers action figure. Sometimes these dolls are low priced in singles, so buying multiple to get a matching set for the Easter basket is guaranteed to make your children overjoyed. Even throw in an accessory for the toy like an outfit, car, or plays et, I assure you, your kids will play with them for hours. They are a fantastic non-candy easter basket ideas for your kids!

Outdoor Toys

Instead of choosing something that’ll get your kids on a sugar high, try out one of these non-candy easter basket ideas: outdoor toys. Summer weather is slowly coming to fruition, which means your kids will start playing outside more. Whether they’re at the park, backyard, or driveway, any new toys they can play with will be much appreciated. Must-purchase outdoor toys include jump ropes, skip-its, water guns, sidewalk chalk, kites, a super bouncy ball, sprinklers, and outdoor bowling. Whichever route you go down, your children are bound to enjoy it in their Easter basket.

Coloring Books

Kids will always be enamored by a good coloring book. Coloring books are also one of the most practical gifts you can give a child. Children can color indoors, outdoors, at Grandma’s house, at daycare, with the baby sitter, at night, by themselves. Even if they don’t appreciate a coloring book at the moment, a feeling of boredom will overcome them one day. That’s when your purchase will feel like one of the best gifts ever.

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Science Kit

These kits usually require some supervision and guidance; however, they can be fun and a great learning opportunity. Not to mention, all science kits aren’t about learning physics and chemistry. There are perfume-making kits for girls and gross science experiment kits involving creepy crawlers for boys. There are also gender-neutral kits focused on making crystals, learning about fossils, and building engineering items. Plus, gifts like these are great for bad weather days at home to bond with the kids!

Simple Electronics

In a very digital day in age, you’re probably thinking that your kids don’t need more electronics. And you’re right about that. But, a pair of walkie talkies, cute headphones so they can listen to their Moana soundtrack in the car, or a cheap Bluetooth speaker so you can supervise what they’re listening to won’t hurt. Fitbit even has children fitness trackers now, and Vtech makes fun child smartwatches. Any of these things are bound to keep your child entertained.


It’s a fact that everyone loves money, but surprise money as a child is probably one of the best feelings in the world. If that feeling could be bottled and sold, it would most likely be consistently sold out and in short supply. With that being said, sticking a couple of dollar bills among plastic eggs throughout the basket is a fun gift. You not only see your child’s ecstatic reaction, but it can be the start to teach them the power of saving up that cash for a future purchase and responsibility.

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