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Mom Finds: Collapsabottle

Mom Finds: Collapsabottle

Image: CollapseandGo

Bulky bottles can take up a lot of space in a diaper bag or kitchen cabinet. Collapse Bottle, Collapsacup and Collaspsacup 360 can help eliminate that overflow.  These caps have a flat top that allows collapsible containers to be piled on top of each other making clutter disappear. The bottle is the size of a hockey puck that can fit in mom’s purse or dads back pocket. Matt and Lauren the creators of CollapseandGo invented a product that grows with your baby by changing to bottle to sippy to drink cup.

The bottles and sippy cups are hard to knock over because of the wide-base and low-profile design that reduces the chance of a messy spill. CollapseandGo products are made with 100% food grade silicon which is a non toxic type of silicon. These items are dishwasher safe, mold resistant and don’t require a bottle brush to clean inside. Instead remove the wide base and twist-off the top to deep clean the product.

When it’s time to transition from breastfeeding to bottle the process will be easy because Collapse Bottle is shaped just like mom which makes it simple to adjust to when holding. The special shape of the anti-colic design gets rid of extra air, decreasing baby’s intake and unpleasant colic symptoms. Labeled on the bottles and sippy cups are ounce markers that help parents monitor how much liquid a child consumes. All CollapseandGo products hold a maximum of 10 fluid ounces. Each items screw-on top, bottoms, handles and collapsible containers are identical. The only thing that separates the bottle, sippy cup and drinking cup is the replaceable top that changes as baby develops.

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Right now, the colors are available in teal and pink. At a price of $20 per bottle, sippy cup or drinking cup.You can also purchase the starter pack which includes 12 pieces to help that transition period from bottle to sippy cup. Free shipping is available for all orders over $50. CollapseandGo has been featured on abc, fox and nbc. Parents all over have seen a huge difference in their cabinets, drawers and diaper bags because of this multi-functional brilliant invention.

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