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5 Maternity Brands We’re Loving Right Now

5 Maternity Brands We’re Loving Right Now


Finding maternity wear that fits your body and your sense of style can be a struggle. Luckily though, there are so many maternity brands out there founded by women whose goals are to make pregnant women feel beautiful and comfortable. The XO Mom has rounded up our 5 favorite maternity brands founded by women.


Featured in articles from Today and other media outlets, Storq has gained quite a lot of traction in the maternity-wear sphere. Why? Well, obviously their clothes are stylish and comfortable for mothers, but they also use real-life pregnant models to show off their clothes. No two women, including pregnant women, look the same- and representation is important. Founded by Grace Kapin and Courtney Klein, this brand is a great option. Check out their website

2.Kindred Bravely

Founded by Deeanne Akerson, there’s a reason this brand has gained so much popularity among pregnant women. It’s because Akerson personally knows the struggle of being pregnant. On their website, Akerson writes that she “discovered clothes fell into two categories. They were either really pretty but hopelessly impractical or super ugly but functional. In my book, neither was acceptable. So one day, after realizing I literally hated every single piece of maternity gear in my closet, I decided to stop complaining and to do something about it.” We sure are grateful she did! Check out their website


Women like to be fashionable, and sometimes people forget that includes pregnant women too! Founder Cecile Reinaud has made that easy with Seraphine.  They have fashion for all occasions, including wedding wear! Their clothes are even loved by celebrities, with a long list of stars. who have rocked their clothes- everyone from Jessica Alba to Tia Mowry. Check out their website to see a full list

4. Clary & Peg

If you don’t want to give up your love of vintage clothing throughout your pregnancy, this brand is for you. Founded by two women who love vintage clothing, Edwina and Johanna, they have maintained this love through their brand. According to their site, “[their] capsule collection consists of clothing that marries vintage nostalgia with contemporary design. In our most recent collection, we’ve drawn on inspiration from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s to create a unique collection of stylish and versatile clothing.” Check out their site to learn more

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5. Hatch

Founded by Ariane Goldman, Hatch has become a favorite among mothers. With an aim to make pregnancy interesting, fun and stylish, Goldman has certainly succeeded with her brand. Hatch has clothes for before, during and after pregnancy, making it inclusive for all mothers. From dresses to leggings, Hatch has all your fashion needs. Check out their website here

We all know shopping for clothes you love while pregnant can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding brands that understand women and want to make you feel beautiful will make shopping easy and fun. Every mom deserves to feel beautiful, during and after pregnancy.

Featured image: via Hatch

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