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5 Options for Easy Sensory Play for Toddlers

5 Options for Easy Sensory Play for Toddlers


Sensory play for toddlers is very important for their mental development. These activities will stimulate their senses and allow them to use the scientific process while they play. Here are five easy sensory play tools that your kids will love.

Moon Sand

Using a ¼ cup of baby oil and 2 cups of flour, it is possible to create moon sand! Your child will have a blast playing with it! You might even want to add colorful beads to the mix for added texture, color, and fun.

Pom-Pom Ice Cubes

Purchase a bag of pom-poms from Walmart and put them in an ice cube tray filled with water. Once out, your child can use plastic spoons or forks and play until they melt. And the best part? Just stick the pom-pom ice cube tray back in the freezer, and you can start all over again the following day. It’s a source of never-ending fun!

Sponge Water

The description of this toy for sensory play for toddlers is quite simple: cheap or toy sponges in a bucket of water. By placing a towel under your little ones, this will allow them to squeeze the water out of the sponges and place them in a clean bucket for repeated fun without making a huge mess.

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Look and Find a Sensory Bottle

Using an old Voss bottle, you can add small toys or beads into a bottle filled with crimped paper. This will allow them to shake the bottle and look for the hidden toys, shells, and beads inside. It’s like a treasure hunt that fits within the palms of your little ones’ hands!

Shaving Cream Color Mixing Bag

Place non-toxic paint and shaving cream together in a sealed Ziploc bag. Then, your kids can mix paint and finger paint an endless amount with the mixing bag.

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