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We Asked Teachers: Tips On How To Continue Teaching Your Child At Home

We Asked Teachers: Tips On How To Continue Teaching Your Child At Home

Early childhood education is very important because it is designed to support the cognitive and social development of preschoolers. It is during a child’s early years that the brain is more receptive to learning.  Teachers teach children during school hours in a classroom setting but, it is important to continue the teaching at home for them to retain the knowledge after hours. The learning experience is a little more exciting when it is done with an encouraging parent or when the whole family gets involved. Here are some ways to continue teaching at home from teachers at Cadence Academy.


  • Sing to them, read books and show them sign language.

  • Talk to your baby even though he or she doesn’t understand your words yet.


  • Children learn by play, so always have time to play with your child and always have fun, never stop talking to your child and make sure to answer their questions.

  • Know the theme of the week at your school and continue talking about it at home with books, dressing up and learning cards.

  • Go on family field trips, talk about them, make posters about what happen and have your child do some art work of their own.

  • Follow your child’s lead, find out what captures your child’s interest.

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  • Do laundry at home and teach your child to do sorting. Doing dishes with your child is another way to practice sorting.

  • Go to the park to explore with a simple scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to look for in the park.

The perfect tools for activities that make learning fun and interesting can be the ones in your very own home. Using your imagination to create interesting ideas to do with your child will motivate them to want to learn more each day. It is a child’s early years that set the foundation for the future. So, continue teaching at home because it plays an important role in your child’s education.

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