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This Is LOOM: The LA Based Organization Educating Folks from Periods to Parenting

This Is LOOM: The LA Based Organization Educating Folks from Periods to Parenting


As we get older, we could use more information about our bodies and have meaningful conversations that may be considered previously awkward. Sex Ed classes taught from elementary to high school don’t necessarily give you all the information and tools you need to deal with your own body, sexual situation, or future family planning. But luckily, women and educators are making these conversations about menstruation, sex, pregnancy, and parenting with inclusivity to LGBTQ+ folks the normal.

These discussions aren’t just happening on online boards or small social groups, but in a venue with a minimalistic, serene, pastel decorated setting and educators ready to help. This is LOOM.

LOOM is located in Los Angeles, purposely situated in an area with access to public transit, diversity, and a high amount of local businesses. Co-founded by Erica Chidi Cohen, doula and author, and Quinn Lundberg, policy advocate and mother, LOOM aims to “empower people as they navigate their sexual, reproductive and parenting experience.”

How does LOOM do just that? By providing a myriad of classes, events, and honesty to their potential clients the moment they visit their website.

The values of LOOM are laid out pure and simple, judgment-free, community-centered, inclusive, and choice-based to name multiple. The classes and events are also broken down into sections with more info about each course, support group, or a series, and there are prices attached for further transparency.

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Service categories include periods + sex, fertility, pregnancy, parenting, miscarriage + abortion, LGBTQ+, and events. Each main service category has more than one class offered, but parenting and pregnancy services have their most classes.

There are so many classes to name for a variety of needs and so many good things to read about LOOM so far, that this piece is becoming a broken record. You just have to see it for yourself on their websiteor their aesthetically pleasing pastel coordinated Instagram. Trust us, it’s worth the visit.

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