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5 Feeding Bottles for Breastfed Babies

5 Feeding Bottles for Breastfed Babies


Breastfeeding isn’t always something you can do for your little ones. While you’re in public, perhaps you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding, and you need your partner to take over. Or maybe you’re having a problem lactating, but you have frozen milk put to the side. That’s where a feeding bottle comes in. Once a baby is accustomed to a breast, it can be difficult for babies to adjust to a bottle nipple. However, switching back to a real nipple once they get used to the bottle can also be a difficult process. That’s where these specific feeding bottles come in. Check out these feeding bottles for breastfed babies!


The Nanobébé baby bottle instantly grabs your attention with its shape, a pretty close replica to a breast. Not only that, this bottle warms 2-3 times faster than other feeding bottles for breastfed babies. As a result, this bottle reduces bacterial growth and keeps nutrients that are usually destroyed by the warming process. In addition, the bottles have an anti-slip bottom, triple venting system that prevents colic, and a shape that encourages self-feeding in babies at a younger age. They can be found at the Nanobébé website, Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY, Target, and Walmart.


The mimijumi baby bottles also have an eye-catching shape, as the design resembles the angle of breastfeeding. It makes it the perfect companion to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It also aids in the transition to purely bottle feeding. The bottle features a ventilation system to prevent colic, a design for a guaranteed baby latch and control of milk flow, and an anti-slip bottom. They can be found at the mimijumi website, Walmart, buybuy BABY, and Amazon.


The Comotomo baby bottle holds a simplistic yet perfect design. The bottle is made of silicone, which mimics the feel of a mother’s breast against a child’s hands. The rounded top and nipple are designed to avoid bottle rejection from the little one. Consequently, they’re great for transitioning or nursing and bottle feeding simultaneously. And, of course, these feeding bottles for breastfed babies are anti-colic thanks to the dual vents. They can be found at the Comotomo website, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Nordstrom, and buybuy BABY.

NUK Simply Natural

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The NUK Simply Natural design is excellent for breastfed babies because of the specially designed bottle nipple. The flexible bottle is slightly curved to fit perfectly along the baby’s tongue. It also has multiple holes in the tip just like milk ducts in a woman’s breast. NUK even has different nipple designs with more or fewer holes, depending on the age of the baby for different milk flow. In addition, the anti-colic bottle was accepted by 93 percent of babies, so it’s definitely worth checking out. The bottles can be found at Target, buybuy BABY, Amazon, and Walmart.


The MAM baby bottles feature a less straight forward design in terms of looking suitable for breastfed babies. With 94 percent of babies accepting the bottle, they get the job done! The anti-colic ventilation system is also different than the rest. Rather than being located in the top of the bottle, the system is placed in the base of the bottle, which regulates the milk flow without foam or bubbles. These bottles can be found at buybuy BABY, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

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