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6 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe Online

6 Tips To Keep Your Child Safe Online

keep child safe online with these tips

Social Media is a new frontier for parents of children 10 and up. Keeping them safe on this open access platform is so important in order to protect them from the dangers lurking behind the codes and numbers. So here are six tips to keep them safe while they surf the web.

  • For websites like Instagram or YouTube, you can create a main account on these social media platforms and link their page to yours so you can have easy access to their account. On sites other than the two mentioned, for example, twitter, snapchat, tik tok, etc. you should have the application on your device and use your email to create these accounts so you can monitor it wherever you are.
  • Set some boundaries; for instance, they can only use the sites after school when they finish their homework, or only for an hour and a half during the week and three hours on the weekend. When it comes to talking to people online, you can create a rule where you have to verify who they are talking to by video chatting, or if you know the person already you can just call them to verify it’s really them.
  • Never have the app track the location. If you’re unsure an app is tracking your location, go into your settings on your phone or device and turn off location on the apps you don’t want to track you.
  • Your phone and other devices and even applications can help you protect your child from the unknown on the internet. On the iPhone, you can go into your settings to block certain websites and keywords or even certain apps from your kids.
  • Place the computer in a common area where you can monitor what your child is doing as you work on something else or watch television. Never let them use the device in another room or away from your eyesight. Try to keep an eye on them as they use the site.
  • Never let your child post a video or picture of themselves without your permission, always check what their posting and read any comments that might be posted, you can block and report any inappropriate comments on any site. Also, take advantage of the private account option on Twitter and Instagram.
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