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April Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month

April Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month

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April was the busiest month, but we managed to bring some information together in our trendy news roundup for The XO Mom readers. Fisher-Price has recalled one of its items leading to infant mortality, Kim Kardashian West wants to be a lawyer, Target has a car seat trade-in program, Disney has revealed information about their upcoming subscription service called Disney+, and several minutes of working out done throughout the week can reduce your risk of death. Here’s an overview of that and more that went down this month.


Must-have Purchases


  • Car seats from Target – If you didn’t know, Target has an annual car seat trade-in program that started in 2016 in honor of Earth Day. Customers can bring in an old car seat to trade in exchange for a 20 percent off coupon that goes toward a new car seat, stroller, select baby home gear, travel system, or car seat base. Target has recycled over a million car seats thanks to this program, so maybe if you don’t need the select baby gear, just recycling the car seat will be beneficial for the environment. This trade-in event takes place from now till May 4th, so find your nearest Target.


  • Outdoor toys – The weather is finally starting to break in certain areas, which means your kids don’t have to complain about being bored inside, they can now do it outside! But with toys continuing to evolve for spring and summer fun, there are many options to check out. Maybe you’re into some of the stuff featured in our Easter basket article, or perhaps you’re into large sprinklers and kiddie pools for a cool down during this upcoming heat. Whatever’s best for your kids, it’s never too late to start looking at deals for summer fun.


  • CBD skincare – When it comes to trends, CBD is one of them with it being discussed on morning television, small shops are opening in local areas, and your usual stores suddenly carrying the products in lotions, serums, and more. CBD is a powerful antioxidant, so featuring it in skincare will do wonders on your skin. The hemp seed oil also moisturizes and smooths rough skin without the usual salicylic acids. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re interested in natural remedies, and you might be surprised to see which stores you shop at might carry them already. To learn more about CBD, we wrote an article about CBD oil featured in baby products


Health News


  • According to a new study, young children who had to go to the emergency room for swallowing inanimate objects have more than doubled. This increase has most likely come from the fact a lot of the products we have in our homes have small pieces such as batteries, colorful toys, and coins that are left lying around. More research needs to be done to understand the increase in the trend, but until then watch for your children choking, complaining of stomach pain, or even vomiting after swallowing particular items. And stay aware of what might be capable of being consumed by your children before they start playing or by keeping things out of reach.


  • Fisher-Price has recalled all 4.7 million Rock n’ Play sleepers. The recall on this particular item finally went into effect after the death of 30 infants have occurred since 2009. What caused the fatalities were babies rolling over on their stomachs and suffocating in their sleep. If you’ve owned the Rock n’ Play sleeper for six months or less, a full cash refund is available. If owned longer, Fisher-Price will provide a voucher for another item created by them.


  • At least 10 minutes of light to vigorous exercise each week decreases the risk of death by 18 percent. This is great to know for those parents who are always on the go or busy moms that have to fit in small workouts throughout the week. Of course, alcohol intake, smoking, and other dietary habits also make a difference in this study. However, more extended amounts of activity on the vigorous side decreased the risk of death by 42 percent. The health benefits of exercise can’t be put into a pill, but it shows the importance of exercise no matter how little you’re able to accomplish. Try and make time for yourself or make it a family affair for your health.


Pop Culture


  • Kim Kardashian West plans to become a lawyer. Nope, that’s not a mistake written in this sentence. The soon to be mom of four is more interested in criminal justice after discovering how broken the system is during her process of helping the release of non-violent drug offender Alice Marie Johnson. Kardashian West had no interest in law school because of the lengthy process, but she has started an apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm and is prepared to take the bar exam in 2022. Good luck Kim!


See Also

  • Music artist Pink was mom shamed to the point of tears. While sharing a picture of her and her kids, Pink as a mother didn’t notice her son had taken off his diaper in the photo and posted the image without thought. Users immediately pointed it out, one commenter even stating that Pink should have Child Protective Services called on her for the act. “I cried so hard after that because I like to share my family, it’s my proudest moment,” Pink said at an appearance on Ellen. That moment led to her decision to no longer share her kids on Instagram anymore because of the way people attack and not kindly educate. You can check out the rest of the interview online.


  • Hilaria Baldwin opened up about being a step-mom on Instagram. After recently covering her openness about her miscarriage, Baldwin decided to talk about her role as a stepmom to Ireland. “[S]ometimes my language about my biological children does not include her,” Baldwin wrote, “Because I did not birth her and I never want to disrespect the fact that she has a wonderful mother. But this will never take away from how much I love her, need her in my life, and think that she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.” Kudos to Baldwin for sharing her knowledge and thoughtful insight with the world!


Movies, Television, and Netflix, Oh My!


  • Disney has added a subscription service called Disney+. This service will be available in November for a cost of $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. And if you’re worried that it’s just Disney movies and another subscription service on your bill that you don’t need, there’s more to it than just the Disney name. Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar titles will be available there too. And it’ll stream recent titles such as Dumbo and Toy Story 4, after theater release and television airing exclusively. Not to mention, shows can be downloaded to watch later in the car, at the doctor, or at grandma’s house. It’s worth checking out!


  • ‘The Avengers: Endgame’ has been making a big splash before its release date. Movie theaters are already promising around the clock times for showings, and pre-sale tickets have even gone for $10,000! This is the assumed last movie in the franchise for the Avengers series, so people are really invested in being a part of that history. This movie could be a good date night or something to surprise the kids with seeing. But, if you’re not too interested in the crowds and the hype of big box office movies, but you decide to get Disney+, you can watch it there instead.


  • The Lion King and The Addams Family are the main trailers people have been talking about this month. The full trailer for The Lion King has finally been released, and it’s just as beautiful as it seemed in the first clips. The characters of Simba, Scar, Mufasa, and more have been brought to life in a way never thought possible. The official release date is July 19, and it’s a must see with the kids. On a creepier note, The Addams Family is taking a turn from the live action films made several years ago with animation that makes them look grotesque yet childlike. These may or may not compare to the live action family favorites, but you can plan to go for its release on October 11th to get the Halloween season started.


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