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How To Lose Weight As A Busy Mom

Being a mom is a literal superpower. How we manage it is almost compared to quantum physics, hard to explain but interesting to look at. From packing bags, giving baths, and wrangling new walkers as if trying to wrangle a calf at the rodeo, at some point once the kids are pretending to sleep all we want to do is knock out, not work out. Yet, here I am, once again to give you the tools to losing weight as a busy mom.

Step 1: Apologize and forgive yourself

If you’re anything like me, I tend to say mean things to my body and poke and prod the parts I’m not in love with. The saving grace here is that these are all things you can change, but you must love the skin you’re in first so it’ll make it that much better when you start seeing results, you should thank your body along the way. After all, it did help bring the most beautiful babies into the world. Also, when you have those no progress days, don’t spend the day beating up on yourself keep working at it.

Step 2: Slow and steady wins the race

TAKE YOUR TIME! I know, we all see these celebrities who had a baby five minutes ago and now they miraculously have a six-pack and toned arms and legs. But momma this isn’t realistic, are you willing to sacrifice a part of yourself for whatever dark magic they performed? Slow down enjoy the little victories as they come, even if you dropped .5lbs it’s still a win in my book!

Step 3: Plan ahead

Take a day on the weekend, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, to meal prep for the week. Map out what your family will eat and when and how you’ll prepare it. No need to go all Master chef on the family keep it simple and healthy. Make sure you take your time eating as well, don’t shovel the food in your mouth, small bites at a time, sing a song in your head while you chew.

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Step 4: Stop labeling food as “good” or “bad”

Think of food as “Everyday” and “sometimes” that way everything is guilt free. For example, Fruits, veggies, beans, wheat, etc. would be considered “every day” and chips and cookies would be considered “sometimes”.

Step 5: Find random ways to exercise

Make a game out of exercising with your kids, taking them to the park and you walk around the play area or play a game of tag and you can always be “it”. You might also do squats while you heat up the baby bottle or leg lifts while you cook. Find different ways to keep moving and be intentional about it.

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