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7 Things To Know When Going Through TSA With Toddlers

7 Things To Know When Going Through TSA With Toddlers

Tips for flying with baby

In order to go on a good chunk of trips, you’ll find yourself (and your toddlers) going to an airport – and that means going through TSA. While TSA with toddlers has the potential to be a headache, with these tips, it should be quite a bit easier.

Liquids and Gels that Are Deemed “Medically Necessary” Don’t Need to Follow the 3-1-1 Rule

We all know TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for liquids. You get one one-quart plastic bag that can be filled with three-ounce liquid containers. But not all liquids have to follow this rule. Those deemed medically necessary – think about liquid Tylenol or children’s cough syrup – can be larger than three ounces and don’t have to fit in the one-quart plastic bag. Just make sure to declare it to a TSA agent.

The Same Applies to Breastmilk and Infant Formula

When travelling with small children, breast milk and infant formula also fall under the “medically necessary” category. The only caveat is that you cannot bring an absurd amount of breast milk or infant formula. Basically, just limit yourself to the amount you’ll need for the flight.

And to Baby Food

While baby food is not necessarily “medically necessary,” it’s measurements also do not follow the 3-1-1 rule. But, just like everything else we’ve covered so far, it does need to be declared to a TSA agent.

Your Little Ones Can Keep Their Shoes On

Children twelve and under get to keep their shoes on when going through security. That means that you won’t have to quickly shove your toddlers’ shoes back onto their feet amidst the busy waves of people rushing to their flights.

Kids Probably Won’t Have to Go through the AIT (And So You Won’t Have to Either)

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Do you know those x-ray machines in airport security where you have to stand still for five seconds with your arms up? Those are known as the AIT – or advanced imaging technology. Because your small children likely cannot hold still for five seconds on their own, they will not be made to go through the AIT. And because they cannot separate parents from their young children, you won’t have to either!

Keep an Eye Out for Family Lines

A few airports around the U.S. have gone out of their way to make life easier for families by providing family lines. The TSA agents are a little friendlier, you may not have to declare your infant formula and liquid Tylenol as often, and the overall experience seems to run just a little more smoothly than it usually does.

Download the My TSA App for More Information

Did you know that TSA has an app to help you out? A lot of the stress that comes with going through TSA has to do with unfamiliarity with the rules. The TSA app can wipe away any sort of confusion that you may have about the rules! And it’s direct from the source, so there’s no need to question it!

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