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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas To Treat Yourself

People pay homage to mother’s every day, but it’s the one day a year where people think about gifting and rewarding moms everywhere for their hard work and selflessness. And in the era of self-care and treating yourself, Mother’s Day is no exception to the rules. Of course, moms always cherish the chocolates, delicate pieces of jewelry, fruit arrangements, hand-made cards, and flowers from their spouses and kids.

But sometimes you want a little more. Maybe your partner missed the hint you were dropping for a new gadget, or you’re a single mom, and you’ve decided that you can splurge on a little something for yourself. Regardless of your situation, here are some gift ideas to treat yourself to this upcoming Mother’s Day.



You can’t go wrong with one of these. But just in case you don’t understand why they’re worth the purchase, allow me to fill you in. Smartwatches aren’t just for the sole purpose of just checking the time with an expensive, touch screen. These watches track your health for activity, sleep, heart rate, allow you to text and talk through your watch when your phone is too far away, play music and change songs, remind you of calendar dates, you can pay for things with the scan of your watch versus pulling out a debit card, and more. Apple Watches even have EKG screening, and have been known to save people’s lives by noticing heart rate abnormalities. Just read into them and look how stylish they are once you swap around bands and frames, and you might fold to the trend.



If you’re not a big music listener or if you never have the alone time to put on a pair of headphones and enjoy a good audiobook, this would be a good investment to do so. Not to mention, Bluetooth technology has grown to where music sounds nearly as pristine and multidimensional as it did with the use of an audio jack. The wireless movement also allows you to cook, practice yoga, do laundry, do high-intensity workouts without your headphones slipping off or dangling out of your ears. Floating off into your own world while you catch up on podcasts will be a dream with that tech upgrade.


Box subscription service

There are subscription services for everything these days. Coffee, cookies, magazines, makeup, clothing, perfume, books, and the list goes on. However, they definitely add up over time, and they all look so great when you see the commercials on television or check the company’s Instagram feed. So, treat yourself to one that you think will help things be a little better each day. Seeing a weekly fresh vase of flowers each morning, drinking your precomposed green smoothie, or taking a bite of a decadent dessert after a long, terrible day might be the best thing you’ve invested in, in a while.


Purse, backpack, or wallet

Sometimes you need an upgrade when it comes to the purses, backpacks, and wallets that go with your outfits throughout the week. And there’s nothing wrong with adding a pricey item to your collection. Whether you’re a brand junky for Coach, Gucci, and Michael Kors, or you want something simple from TJ Maxx or Kohl’s, you’ll be glad you bought yourself something cute and stylish.



Can you ever go wrong with shoes? The answer is undoubtedly no, but sometimes as women with a lot of shoes already, we can talk ourselves out of buying a pair of shoes. Go for that pair of heels, boots, or sneakers, that has you questioning how much you’re willing to spend. Even if they look similar to another pair you own but in a different color. Life is too short not to own the things you want and the things you deserve.



A pair of new, soft pajamas are a genuinely underestimated thing to possess. After a nice bath or shower, where you exfoliate with a body scrub and moisturize with fragrant body butter, slipping into some silk or satin pajamas will downright feel indescribable. Not to mention, they’re pretty chic and great to own if you ever need to go to an adult pajama party.


Flowers or plants

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Chances are you’ve probably already received flowers or you know you’re going to get a bunch on Mother’s Day. But buying your absolute favorite bouquet of flowers or even a beautiful potted plant to add to a room in the house is a treat. If you have a green thumb, or if you’re a plant serial killer, the feeling you get from watching your plants survive throughout the week are bound to bring a semblance of happiness. Plus, this could be a gateway to a new hobby!



The skincare world is booming now more than ever. Pretty much every company has their own personalized skincare line. Clay masks, sheet masks, retinol, serums, and more. It’s probably having you rethink your skin regime, but making you afraid to try new products due to the pricing. It’s eye-widening to see a one-ounce bottle cost more than $50 without a guarantee it’s actually going to work. But since this is the time to treat yourself, don’t worry about it and get ready for the possibly best skin of your life.


Tablet or laptop update

Not everyone is on the technology train, nor do they have jobs that need them to, but the upgrade or addition of a laptop or tablet will make a huge difference. Plus, it gets to be mommy’s laptop or tablet, not the whole house or with the kids. It sucks when you’re really getting into a book on your tablet when your kid wants to play some game that drains the battery or watch cartoons. Sometimes your spouse ends up hogging the laptop to scroll through Twitter and check emails that can wait till they’re at work. So, go for a personal piece of tech, you won’t regret it.



Jewelry is kind of like shoes in the sense that you can’t go wrong with it, but it is a little more expensive. Of course, you can buy yourself something simple like a pair of gold stud earrings or purchase something that matches the gift your spouse or child already bought you. Nevertheless, get yourself a much-deserved mom medal in the form of whichever piece of jewelry you choose.