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10 Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids
outdoor spring actitivies for kids

Springtime is the best season to be outside. The season brings out the warmer temperatures and nature blooms. Some places still have the chilly air longer than others during the spring season so being outside for an extended period may not be possible. But, if you can take your kids out to enjoy the warm temperatures, this is the perfect season to do so.  From swimming to playing with friends, the activities are endless and sometimes can grow old. If you’re running low on fresh ideas of things for your children outside this spring, we’ve gathered a list of 10 spring outdoor activities for kids that are sure to keep your little ones on the move.

Fly A Kite

Find a park or an open area and fly some kites, make sure you aren’t anywhere near trees and powerlines.



Pack a lovely light lunch for you and your family to enjoy near a lake or a pond.


Visit the Zoo

See how these animals take a walk on the wild side and spend the day with some animals.


Play in Puddles

What better way to spend an afternoon after a shower than pulling out the rainboots and jumping in puddles with the kiddos.


Pick Strawberries

Look up some local, nearby strawberry fields and go picking for some fresh fruit with your family.


Plant some flowers

Tulips and orchids are now in bloom, plant some seeds out back and make a day of it utilizing their green thumbs.


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Feed the ducks

Collect some of the last few pieces of bread or crackers and feed some ducks at the lake.


Take a walk after Dinner

After a filling dinner, you and your family can take a pleasant evening stroll in your community, since it gets dark later this is a perfect time.


Go Camping

Find some local campgrounds and take out the camping gear and make a weekend out of it.

Happy springtime!

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