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10 Ways To Refresh Your Nursery Without Breaking The Bank

There comes a time when you realize that your nursery needs a bit of a makeover. Perhaps your one-year-old has outgrown their previous room theme, or a new baby is on the way, and the old motif just isn’t going to cut it. Whichever situation happens to be yours, sprucing up a nursery can get pricey for a new look. Luckily, we’re here to help. These are the ten ways to freshen up your nursery without putting a dent in your wallet.


  • Change up the walls


Painting is not the most fun task, nor is it the cheapest. However, adding accent stripes and shapes to a specific wall using sample paint is a more affordable way of going about it with most 8oz sizes at $3.95. But a more effortless way to liven things up is adding wall decals. A quick glance at Amazon shows most wall decals under $20, and they cover a large amount of space. These wall stickers include glow-in-the-dark stars, butterflies, the solar system, trees, flowers, polka dots, superheroes, vines, and more. The sky is the limit with these, they can be customizable, and they remove from the walls pretty easy if you have to refresh the nursery again in the future.


  • Add shelves


Shelving can immediately take all the clutter from the dresser and play bins, and disperse it across the walls. The books you read to your children at night can be put on display, toys can be propped up, faux plants can be added for further ambiance, and shelves also spice up barren walls if you decide not to go down the paint or decal route. Plus, most three-packs are well priced at $29.99 and a six-pack of varying sizes $37.99. But, if you’re more on the handy DIY side, plywood can be cut, painted, and adhered to the wall for a price of less than $20.


  • Declutter and donate


You might be surprised to find what’s holding your nursery back is your lack of throwing things away. When having a baby, you might have a natural affinity to hold on to everything for memories sake, but getting rid of the old to bring in the new is an essential part of the process. Donating a baby walker, play corner table set, among other things is of course free. The minimizing process should cost you around $15 or so to invest in a pair of storage containers to put things away for a later date. Doing this should make an immediate difference in tidying up your nursery.


  • Add pictures


Once again, the walls in your home really make a room. So, if you opt out of painting, decals, and shelving, photos can make the tone of the room significantly different and change the theme. Fortunately, images for nurseries are commonly sold in multipacks under $20 featuring animals, sayings, geography, and flowers. But if you possess an inkjet printer filled with ink and old frames that you aren’t using; this task can easily cost you little to nothing. Plus, you can customize your own pictures and even paint the frames to match the theme of the room better than you could before. It’ll make the room look modern as soon as they’re put up.


  • Add decorative storage options


Like mentioned with donating and decluttering, sometimes the key is just to disperse the number of items your child has in their room by storing it properly. Instead of making marks on the wall with built-in shelving, consider investing in a $20 six-cube shelving unit with baskets. Adding cube shelving is a way to combine the flare of decoration and make your child’s space look neater after straightening up each day. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to put things away in a hurry, and your child can help by having it organized and knowing where things are supposed to go. Shelving units like these are also fantastic to buy used as a less expensive option if you need 10, 12, or even 16 cubes for space.


  • Change the light fixture


Lighting literally makes all the difference in a room. A decorative fan or glamorous looking light, fan combo immediately attracts your eye and changes the overall aesthetic to space. Thankfully, we’re in the era of donating, reusing, recycling, and selling old items, which means light fixtures are also being used and sold to others. While cruising eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, and more, you’re bound to find a good deal on a piece of lighting. Even regular stores feature damaged goods or items with missing parts for a sale price. You may have to do some searching, but the end result of beautiful lightning that changes the whole room will be worth it.


  • Add decorative rugs


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Rugs are unfortunately not the cheapest to add to any room. But the size of the carpet makes a huge difference as far as pricing. Adding an accent rug in the shape of a star, football, circle, heart, or patterned with a tropical theme will unexpectedly perk up any room. My go-to site of choice for a plethora of options, Amazon, has many shaped rugs for under $29 and up. Accent rugs also lighten up a load of marks and stains to your hardwoods and main carpet. In addition, they’re an investment since they can be cleaned and used for years, so don’t be afraid to splurge just a little bit on one.


  • Spice up the play area


If your child’s room features a space where they play or read during their free time, it could be helpful to update it for further freshening up of the nursery. Adding an accent rug like previously mentioned or decorative foam floor mats of numbers, colors, and letters for the incorporation of color are usually under $20. A child’s table and chair set aren’t the cheapest, so looking for a used set is probably one of the best options to not break the bank. But, if $50 to $75 is right up your alley in terms of spending on a brand-new set, then go for it! And if there’s a child seating area already, updating the color scheme for something more modern or sturdier materials will improve the look of the space.


  • Update your nursing chair


Of course, nursing chairs are not cheap in any way, shape, or form. But an old, outdated piece of furniture can change the whole feel to a room. Selling your past chair for some money to go towards your new chair is the best way to go. Plus, you don’t have to buy new when you invest in the latest nursery chair. Buying gently used furniture and getting the upholstery cleaned will make the chair feel like new. And on a more frugal and craft-experienced note, DIY reupholstering your chair will be way cheaper than buying a whole new one and less stressful to transport furniture around. Either way, a new chair or couch will refresh the area.


  • Update the bed or crib


And lastly, another not-so-cheap item, modernizing your child’s bed or crib. After making changes to the walls, play area, lighting, storage, decluttering, and other pieces of furniture, it may be time to look at where your child sleeps. Adding a pop of color, going minimalist with the crib frame, or even going large, cartoony with a princess canopy bed or a race car shaped bed will surely give your child’s room a new look. Unfortunately, kids grow up fast, so investing too much in this unless you plan on reusing it for a younger child would be pointless. Toddler bedframes and cribs are another one of those items that people decided to donate and sell frequently, so you’re most likely to catch a deal on one of these items if you do a thorough search for a reasonable price. Places like buybuyBABY have many rewards and coupons and checking out the clearance section of furniture stores will be beneficial to your wallet.

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