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5 Beauty Hacks Every Busy Mom Needs To Know

5 Beauty Hacks Every Busy Mom Needs To Know

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Being a mom is– let’s face it, busy. Dedicating so much time to your children can make it easy to forget about taking care of yourself. Putting on a face full of makeup and styling your hair to perfection in the morning can be nearly impossible with a house full of kids. Don’t worry, though–we have good news! There are plenty of beauty hacks for busy working moms, and we’ve rounded up the top 5 ones every mom should take advantage of.


Makeup on the go

Keep a tube of lipstick in the console of your car or some mascara in your purse with a compact mirror. This way, even if you didn’t have time to get ready in the morning, you can freshen up throughout the day wherever you’re at. Try to buy makeup that is packaged in small containers so you can carry it around with you.


Face wipes

Some nights you don’t feel like washing your face to remove your makeup. You know you should– but you’re tired and still have kids to put to bed. Make-up remover wipes will remove this struggle. You can wipe your face while lying down in bed and go right to sleep.


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Dry Shampoo

If you’re too tired to give your hair a good wash in the shower, dry shampoo is a good option for you. With a few quick spritzes of dry shampoo spray, your hair will look shiny and clean in a matter of seconds. It can also add some volume to your hair.

Apply chapstick to your liner for an instant smokey eye: getting a smokey-eye look can take a lot of time. From sorting through various colors to picking out different brushes, who has the time? Well, now, you do! Apply some chapstick to your liner to have your eye makeup looking smooth and of course, smokey.

Love your natural hair

A simple but effective beauty hack, loving your natural hair will not only boost your self-confidence but let’s be honest–it will save you a lot of time. If you’re sick of finding time and energy to straighten your hair or curl it to perfection, start loving your natural locks!

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