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5 Best Sunscreens For Babies & Kids

5 Best Sunscreens For Babies & Kids


Protecting your skin from the sun is essential. Now that the weather is getting warmer, many are flocking to beaches and picking out swimsuits for sunbathing. Although spending time in the sun is excellent (and usually unavoidable) during the spring and summer months, it’s essential to protect yourself and your kids with sunscreens! While the sun can give us some much-needed vitamin D, it can be harmful if we’re exposed for too long. Using sunscreens is essential for everyone as it protects us from sunburns and skin cancer. It is also necessary for your children and babies who have growing bodies to keep their skin covered and protects everything inside their developing body. To help you protect your kids from the sun, we’ve rounded up the best sunscreens for kids.


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