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5 Tips For Getting Ready In The Morning With A Baby

5 Tips For Getting Ready In The Morning With A Baby


Getting ready in the morning is stressful for any woman. Picking out the right outfit, going through your makeup, and getting together your lunch is a lot. When you throw having a baby into the mix, things only get more stressful. The XO mom understands this, so we’ve rounded up tips for getting ready in the morning with a baby.


Pre-plan the night before

One of the easiest ways to get rid of some of your stress is to think about the coming day the night before. Whatever you can do to mitigate your stress before bed, do it! If you’re worried about your lunch for the next day, go ahead and pack it. If you’re concerned about your baby’s meal for the next day, go ahead and get it together and store it! If you’re worried about what you’re going to wear, pick out your outfit.

Go to bed early and wake up early

This will ensure that you’re energized and ready to take on the day. Also, if you wake up before your baby, you can get as much done as you can before they wake up so that you don’t have added stress.


Sit your baby in a highchair or a sit-me-up during breakfast

This will keep the kids contained and calm while you take care of any remaining tasks before you leave the house. Also, if you have yet to eat breakfast, it’ll be a pleasant bonding experience for you and your baby to eat together before you have to leave the house. It’ll sure be a way to brighten your morning!


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Ask for help

If you have a partner or someone in the house with you, don’t hesitate to ask for help! If you need someone to feed the baby while you’re getting dressed or you need someone to help you clean up around the kitchen– ask for help. It’ll make your mornings a lot less stressful.


Take a shower/get ready while still watching after your kids

This is possible if you shower with your toddler, and if you have an infant, you keep them in a playpen outside the shower door. When you’re done showering, you can leave the toddler in the shower (with a lot of their favorite toys!). This will let you dry off, get dressed, and put makeup on in the bathroom while keeping an eye on your kids.

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