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How To Announce Your Pregnancy At Work

How To Announce Your Pregnancy At Work

how to announce pregnancy at work

One of the significant parts of pregnancy is sharing exciting news to your friends and family. Unfortunately, telling your boss and co-workers can be a little scarier. Finding the right time to clue everyone in and figuring out how to approach the topic can be tough. If you’re preparing for the big announcement at work, there are ways to navigate the conversation to keep the entire process stress-free for you and your employer.

Tell Your Boss First

In business, the face-to-face approach is best, especially for a pregnancy announcement. So make sure to tell your boss first before your coworkers, to avoid an awkward conversation. Also, with social media connecting us all the time, let your boss know about your pregnancy first before posting it on Facebook. Delivering the news face-to-face can give you a first-person view of your boss’s immediate reaction and his attitude about your news.

Always Stay Professional

When sharing your pregnancy news, do not be apologetic and try to avoid the words “I’m sorry.” Remember that having a baby is a part of healthy human life, so it’s essential to have a straightforward and professional tone when addressing the subject. Also, don’t be afraid to acknowledge the fact that your pregnancy will affect your work moving forward. This will only show your boss that you are committed to preparing as much in advance as possible, while still being loyal to your work.

The Announcement Hierarchy.

The best way to tell your exciting announcement to your team at work is as follows: boss, colleagues, and finally clients. This way, your boss can hear about your pregnancy first without finding out from anyone else and can start making plans with your co-workers to find the best possible way to help you be prepared for your maternity leave and help spread the news to your clients.

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Ask About Your Maternity Benefits.

After you have told your team, reach out to the HR department and ask about your company’s maternity leave policies and procedures. You can even ask for the documents that show what benefits are available to you that are associated with your specific medical plan. This way, you and your team can be fully prepared for the future.

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