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May Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month

May Trendy News Roundup: Here’s What Was On Our Radar This Month


May was another month where things weren’t the liveliest. Let’s just say it’s the calm before the storm with summer fast approaching. But we made sure to bring some trendy news highlights together for The XO Mom readers. Get ready to update your wardrobe, it’s time to plan a vacation, losing sleep does more harm than you think, babies are being shamed for their weight, there are other shows to watch to get over Game of Thrones sadness, and the live action movie Aladdin is bringing in money so far. Here’s an overview of that and more that went down this month.


Must-have Purchases

  • Summer clothing and swimwear – It’s only the end of May, so summer isn’t officially here. But if you’re in the midst of the heatwave the southern U.S. is dealing with, you know shorts, popsicles, and pools are the main focus. Luckily, swimwear and summer clothing has been out since the end of Easter. So, you’ve probably had time to plan for sales, cut coupons, and download mobile apps for future eyed purchases. This is the perfect time to go on a shopping spree for the summer with Memorial Day sales in effect and guaranteed beginning of summer sales in mid-June. It’s never too early to plan!


  • Vacation – Yes, since summer will be upon us officially on the Summer Equinox June 21st, it’s time to prepare for a vacation. Some kids are out of school already, which means you probably already know the joy of your child asking about summer plans to avoid boredom. Or maybe you’ve been envisioning taking a trip to the Hawaiian Disney Resort and Spa to take part in the free childcare. Regardless of your situation, it’s time to put money to the side and plan for much-needed time off for you and the family. But a vacation doesn’t have to include a destination. It can be a staycation with the kids and partner, which can be just as fulfilling for a busy, overworked family.


  • Things to keep cool – Like mentioned earlier, it’s getting hotter sooner than expected in certain areas. Swimwear and summer clothing can only do so much to beat the heat. Sprinklers, water balloons, and water guns are must-haves for the kids to stay cool outdoors and have fun. While on the more adult side, investing in an excellent blender for frozen daiquiris and margaritas is a great way to cool down. Smoothies, popsicles, and other frozen drinks can be made with the kids for a fun task. This is also the time to purchase some double walled cups, bottles, can covers, and coolers for times at the park or by the pool. Do whatever you gotta do to stay safe this summer. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


Health News

  • A recent study says that losing as a little as 16 minutes of sleep a night can affect your work performance the next day. Researchers from the University of South Florida kept tabs on 130 information tech employees with at least one school-aged child. During the eight-day study, the participants logged their sleep and answered survey questions, which focused on what was called “cognitive interference.” The interference, rated on a scale from zero to four, is described as being distracted or having off-task thoughts while on the job. Nightly losing 16 minutes of sleep resulted in more distractions, off-task thoughts, and a harder time getting work done. Getting in your seven to eight hours of sleep a night is a must for success at work and in the home. It may seem impossible to some, but this proves the body needs it.


  • Researchers found that being a mom can equal to 2.5 full-time jobs. For some odd reason, the grape juice company Welch’s surveyed 2,000 American moms with children from five to 12 for their weekly schedules. The research concluded that the average mom began work at 6:23 a.m., finished her day at 8:31 p.m., and managed only to have 1.7 hours of free time during that whole day. That totals out to a 14-hour work day with barely a 2-hour break. The survey isn’t necessarily breaking news to many moms out there that could’ve told Welch’s this without having to ask 2,000 women. Plus, we all know that a mother’s work shift never ends. So, ending her day at 8:31 p.m. is undoubtedly laughable to mothers everywhere. It’s more like infinity to infinity, but thanks for the research Welch’s.


  • The CDC concluded that suicide rates for girls 10-14 have tripled while suicide rates for girls 15-19 have doubled. These disturbing numbers are showing the suicide rates between girls and boys are nearing each other, almost closing the gap. Donna Ruch, the lead researcher of the Center for Suicide Prevention and Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, acknowledged the narrowing statistics and where to go from there. “What happens next is in terms of suicide prevention. We need to find out how we address girls differently and what might be behind our findings.” Until then, these startling numbers should be a wake-up call to having conversations with your children and seeking help sooner rather than later.  


Pop Culture

  • Kim Kardashian West welcomed her fourth child. That’s right, Kardashian West’s surrogate gave birth to her son Psalm West earlier this month. She posted a picture of her son on Twitter for Mother’s Day to reveal him to the world. Unfortunately, she was immediately mom shamed for her son’s crib area for the staged photo. But Kardashian West has better things to worry about like her work in criminal justice and her other kids North, Saint, and Chicago. Congrats to the family!


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  • Ayesha Curry’s 10-month-old son Canon was body shamed for his weight. It’s shocking that people will say anything these days in a comment online. But that’s what Ayesha had to deal with in a photo she posted after her husband’s Western Playoff Conference win. Someone noticed she was standing awkwardly in the picture with her son, making them question if she was pregnant again. However, she admitted that her nearly year-old son was 30 pounds and hard on her back. The Instagram user with keyboard courage responded, “Maybe portion-control his food a bit.” Curry quipped, “Excuse you? No. Just no.” But that demonstrates what moms in the public eye have to deal with these days. Shout out to her for handling it with class!


  • Tamron Hall is opening up about why she hid the pregnancy of her son born last month. The former “Today” show host revealed that she was afraid of losing the pregnancy. It was not only due to her age, 48-years-old, but also other health issues she chose not to disclose. In an interview with People Magazine, she explained why she didn’t publicize her pregnancy until the eighth-month mark. “I was terrified I would lose this baby and I would have to go back and tell everyone that now it was bad news and after this pregnancy had gone so far.” That’s an unfortunate story for many women, and we at The XO Mom team commend her honesty. Congratulations to this new mom!


Movies, Television, and Netflix, Oh My!

  • Disney’s Aladdin is already bringing in millions with its debut. For this Memorial Day weekend, Aladdin is almost crossing the $100 million mark in the box office. If you’re one for ratings, on IMDB, it’s rated a 7.3 out of 10. Which isn’t bad considering a lot of remakes continue to get a bad rap. However, children aren’t caught up in the latest esteemed reviews and the Rotten Tomato score. So, if you want something to do this long weekend or the next, taking your children to go see Aladdin will be a nice family outing.


  • If you were disappointed by the season finale of Game of Thrones, HBO has many shows to fill the void. The award-winning hit, Big Little Lies, has its season two premiere in a couple of weeks. The show opens like a murder mystery while following the lives of a female group of friends, which shows that they have more in common than they think. The last season ended on a cliff hanger of sorts, and Meryl Streep joins this new season, so it’s bound to be good! Also, on the HBO train, Westworld dropped a season three trailer with some new faces for its premiere in 2020. So, if you need a good binge watch, these two shows should have you covered to chase away the GoT blues.


  • Netflix continues to add recent, new streaming options this summer. When you think Netflix couldn’t add freshly released movies faster, it somehow does. Of course, the upcoming titles aren’t super current, but they were winter and autumn favorites last year. Some of the movies being released throughout June are Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. These are titles to check out with the kids on a movie night or something to pre-download before a road trip in the car. Either way, they’re must-see flicks.
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