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Mom Finds: Hello Yumi

Mom Finds: Hello Yumi


Baby food couldn’t get any more instant and on today’s Mom Finds, we’re introducing you to a brand making this a reality. Meet Hello Yumi, an organic, nutrient-dense, gluten-free, low in sugar baby food. Hello Yumi Creates blends of organic baby food based on your babies age, and nutritional needs. Hello Yumi Delivers baby food every week you have the option between obtaining 14 jars at $65 a week or 21 jars at $90 a week. 

Their meals stay fresh in the fridge for six days so it will be best for you to use that food wisely. You can also freeze your jars for up to two Month. One jar of their baby food is 4 ounces so you would be able to get up to do three servings per jar if your baby is now starting to eat solid food.

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Hello Yumi has now introduced New finger food booster pack for a more independent eater. Packed with superfoods and organic ingredients the Tot box is the best option they have to get your little ones to eat a healthy and nutritious snack on the go. 

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The tot box comes with Cubano Bites, two jars of 5 bites, Carrot spinach millet bites, two jars of 5 bites, pizza bites, two jars of 5 bites, and cauliflower puffs. The first Tot box is going at $30. These snacks are also rice free and salt-free. There’s a waitlist on the website right now to get this box of goodies so you’ll have to sign up soon! 

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