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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For The Traveling Mom
mothers day gift idea for traveling moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t picked out a great gift yet, we’re here to help. Gifting for your mom can be hard especially if you want to make sure it’s something she’ll love. Flowers are great. A dinner out is nice. But if your mom is a traveler, she may appreciate one of these 19 fantastic gift ideas on our gift guide for traveling moms.


World Map Necklace

Jewelry is a pretty popular gift for Mother’s Day, so why not spice it up a bit? Make it a world map necklace! Then, your mom will be able to carry a token of her favorite activity around her neck every single day.


Travel Pillow

Although gallivanting around the world can be fun at times, it can take a toll on one’s body. That’s why a travel pillow is so helpful! Instead of becoming uncomfortable and sleep deprived on flights, your mom will be able to use that valuable time to take a quick snooze.


Mother’s Day Mug

If your mom is a traveler, odds are you two aren’t in the same place most of the time. This Mother’s Day mug from Etsy finds a way to mend this tearful truth with the saying, “Together or apart, I love you Mom with all my heart.”


Handmade Travel Scrapbook

Everyone knows that parents love homemade gifts from their children. So why not dedicate some time to making a scrapbook of you and your mom’s travels together? That’d make for one heartwarming Mother’s Day surprise.


Photo Book

If you don’t quite have confidence in your art skills, perhaps consider gifting your mother a photo book of your travels together! Shutterfly lets you design an album filled with pictures, backgrounds, and texts of your choice. And if you don’t have confidence in your design skills either, for an extra $10, a Shutterfly designer can create it for you!


Luggage Tag

At one point or another, your mom’s suitcase will get lost when she travels. It’s just inevitable. To help her get her luggage back as soon as possible, give her a lovely luggage tag as a gift this Mother’s Day.


Passport Cover

After a bit of international travel, your mother’s passport might have visibly dealt with some wear and tear. To help lessen this wearing away, buy her a passport cover for Mother’s Day!


Personalized Adventure Fund Frame

Saving up for travels is one of the most challenging parts of the process. At some points, it may not even feel like you are making progress towards your savings goal! To help with this problem in an aesthetically pleasing way, purchase this personalized money box from Etsy! This way, your mom will be able to slip every extra dollar she has into this frame and watch as her adventure fund grows! Then, she’ll be ready to head off on her next adventure!



Most travelers love to keep track of the places that they’ve been. A globe is an excellent option for this! Nowadays, there are tons of different types of globes, including cork ones and magnetic ones to help you keep track of your past travels! Or if your mom is a bit more traditional, why not go for a vintage globe?


Frontgate World Map

If a globe isn’t the choice for your mother, try the Frontgate World Map! The Heirloom Antique Linen Magnetic Map is a high-quality world map that will allow your mom to pin every one of the fantastic places that she’s visited!



After a lot of traveling, baggage can undergo a lot of wear and tear. That’s why some luggage would be the perfect gift. There’s a variety of suitcases to choose from – from an extra portable duffle to a smart bag. Which one will your mom like the best?


Plane Tickets

If your mom is a spontaneous traveler, why not book plane tickets for two for your next adventure together? If you’re a little nervous, book it just before you give your mom the gift, as most airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy.


Adventure Hunt Tickets

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If your mother is an adventurous traveler, a couple of Adventure Hunt tickets may be the perfect gift for her! The company, Adventure Hunt, sets up citywide scavenger hunts for a specific day. You’ll be given various tasks all around the city, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and see something new! And, if you happen to win, you’ll get $7,500 and a trip to Panama! There is also the option of the Discovery Fun Hunts, which can be done at any time.


Portable Charger

Phones have become vital in today’s traveling world. Whether it’s through using Google Maps, calling an Uber, or watching a movie on an airplane, your phones are in use the whole time – and draining battery that entire time. Instead of having your mother desperately trying to conserve battery until the next outlet is in sight, buy her a portable charger. Some portable chargers can charge your device multiple times without being recharged! That means your mom won’t ever have to worry about her phone dying on her travels.


Power Adapter

If your mother is an overseas traveler, a power adapter will come in handy. Because so many different countries have different electrical outlets and voltages, it’ll be beneficial if you get an adapter that works on a variety of outlets.


Travel Magazine Subscription

When travelers aren’t traveling, they love to read about potential future travels or the travels of other people. That makes subscriptions to a travel magazine the perfect gift! Consider National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, AFAR, Lonely Planet Traveller, or Travel & Leisure.


Travel Journal

While hopping from country to country and city to city can be great, sometimes it’s also great to have a little downtime to reflect on the surprising parts of your latest adventure. To encourage your mom to do so, buy her a travel journal for her to jot down her thoughts about her trip.


Handheld Luggage Scale

One of the worst struggles of traveling is that pesky luggage weight limit. When you’re out and about collecting souvenirs, you have no idea how heavy your bag is going to be! And it’s the worst when you get to the airport, find out your bag is over the weight limit, and try to stuff an extra eight pounds of stuff into your tiny carry-on suitcase! So to avoid this airport fiasco, give your mom a handheld luggage scale this Mother’s Day! That way, she’ll be able to weigh her suitcase before she gets to the airport!


Anywhr Getaway

Anywhr is a travel service designed to make your getaway a surprise! Rather than planning your trip, Anywhr plans every part of it for you, including, most importantly, the destination. You don’t even know where you’re going until you reach the airport! Can you imagine how excited your mom would be to receive a surprise like that on Mother’s Day?