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Nursery Envy: 5 Tips To Achieve This Look On A Budget

Nursery Envy: 5 Tips To Achieve This Look On A Budget

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We all know that feeling one gets when browsing Pinterest or Instagram for nursery muse to feel deflated after clicking through some links, seeing sponsors, and grimacing at the price tag. Luckily, when you get inspiration from a room online, there’s always someone that creates a post that breaks down the space to get you the items for less or variations of the objects. The XO Mom does that here with the modern, chic, looking nursery featured above. Here are five tips to get a similar look without dipping too much into your piggy bank.


Wooden crib

To my surprise, that gorgeous wooden crib is actually a DIY project created by another mom who was expecting at the time. If you have the carpentry skills and primary materials to do it, definitely go for making this crib from scratch. Sadly, nothing compares in the stores to this particular design. But fortunately, there are some that are alike. BuybuyBABY has a great selection of cribs and beds, and there are usually coupons such as 20 percent off or $20 off items over $75. And since they’re a subsidiary of Bed, Bath, & Beyond, you can use their benefits and coupons as well.  


The main bed that stands out and is the most affordable is the Dream On Me Cape Cod 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, which comes in 7 colors and displays a subtle backboard and wooden frame at $159.99 (with 20% off at $127.20). If you’re willing to go the more pricey route and your definition of a budget is quite large, buybuyBABY also features cribs for $329.99 to $699.99 with similar looks. However, if you’re able to stumble upon used cribs that look familiar, or if you have DIY carpenter friends, going that route should save you some bucks.


Light up letters

Light-up letters aren’t the cheapest, and if your child has a long name and you just don’t want initials, this can get pretty costly. The Instagram user didn’t tag anyone for this particular room feature, so one should assume this was a custom purchase. To get the look, Amazon has many variations of light-up letters, but one that doesn’t involve an outlet and uses batteries and a remote for an on/off and timer settings seems to be the easiest to install at $14.99 for each letter with 5% off at checkout. Another one featured is neon letters for $13.98 each that can be linked together instead of relying on batteries through the use of a cable. And, if you’re on the creative side, using long string lights to make the letters yourself with thumbtacks or pins in the wall is a much cheaper option with most string lights ranging from $7.99 to $14.99 for meters of lights. The latter seems the most budget-friendly but a little more time consuming for install. Whichever way you go, it’s bound to shine in your child’s room!


Wooden accent wall

In the photo, this accent wall is pretty seamless. Almost to the point of thinking the wall is real wood, however, it is actually wallpaper. The user tagged Home Depot within the post, and the exact wallpaper was found pretty quickly. At $40.39 a roll for 28 square feet, that’s not too bad. But other variations were discovered at Amazon, one for $29.97 for 29 square feet, and another for $37.90 that covers 54 square feet. When it comes down to it, whatever price point, color, or wall texture preferred, researching is a must. But checking out places like Home Depot to get an idea of what they look like in person can’t hurt.

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Comfy leather nursery couch

Alas, furniture is never cheap. Especially when it comes to nursery chairs. So, with this purchase unless you decide to buy a used chair, a chair on clearance, or even get a hand me down from a friend you know, be prepared to dip into your budget pretty steep. On a less pricey end, Better Homes & Gardens has a rocking recliner for $239. While Ashley’s HomeStore and Home Depot both feature chairs that are similar for $299. But don’t be afraid to shop around for the perfect deal or go for a simpler look.


Baby mobile

The baby mobile featured is super cute, simplistic and whimsical at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s a little on the pricier side at $44.85 since it’s handmade. Pottery Barn Kids has a similar mobile with felt balls for $39, but much more colorful. And a wooden one with a comparable color scheme to the original mobile is on Amazon for $17.99. Also, if you want something even cheaper than that, Amazon has other mobiles from $7.99 to $29.99 if you stray away from the original design. An accent mobile will be a great addition to any nursery!

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