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Postwell Box: The Postpartum Gift Box for a Mom’s Post Baby Needs

Postwell Box: The Postpartum Gift Box for a Mom’s Post Baby Needs


After a baby shower, you’re grateful for all the things and gifts you acquired for the baby. It comes in handy to have too many onesies, pacifiers, booties, and baby bottles for your child as they grow each month without reaching into your wallet often. But, after you’ve given birth or if you know someone else who has, there’s the realization that since everything goes to caring for the baby, nothing goes towards taking care of mom afterward.

Luckily, thanks to founder Jess Kerr, there’s a postpartum giftbox that covers aftercare for new moms. Meet the recent creation, Postwell box, the package filled with items that every mom to be will wish they had on hand after returning from the hospital or having a natural birth at home.

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Here are the items included with the Birth Box, priced at $75:

  • 8-pack of Rael certified organic cotton overnight pads for postpartum bleeding.
  • MomWasher Peri bottle that works much better than hospital peri bottles.
  • Earth Mama organic herbal perineal spray with a natural cooling sensation and can be used with the MomWasher peri bottle.
  • Earth Mama organic herbal sitz bath that can be used for making padsicles, a poultice, and of course, a sitz bath.
  • Lansinoh Soothies gel pads that help provide cooling relief for sore, sensitive nipples.
  • A 100-pack of Tucks medicated cooling pads for more perineal relief.
  • Medline deluxe perineal cold packs used on and off for 36-48 hours after childbirth for comfort.

Of course, you can buy all of these things separately, but this preassembled box saves you $20 compared to the retail value of all those things combined. If you think the Birth Box is a little too much, there’s the Trifecta box that includes an 8-pack of Rael pads, Earth Mama organic herbal perineal spray, and MomWasher Peri bottle for $35, which saves you $10 off retail value.

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Given that the Postwell brand is still new, these boxes are only going to get better and more focused on a mom’s postpartum needs. Kerr is already working on a box specially geared towards C-sections, so look out for those in the future by signing up for the newsletter or following their social media.

Whether you plan on gifting one of these boxes in the future or an idea to make your own for a friend, we can all agree that postpartum needs should be a part of the conversation.

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