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4 Souvenirs That Your Toddler Should Start Collecting

4 Souvenirs That Your Toddler Should Start Collecting


While adults have many souvenirs options to collect while traveling – from shot glasses to fancy jewelry – your little toddlers seem to have a lot fewer options. They could potentially get a tacky T-shirt from each destination, but they’ll outgrow it within a year or two. Or they could get snow globes, but there’s a good chance that they’ll break on the flight back home. Instead, here are four souvenirs that your toddlers should start collecting.



Patches are souvenirs that are pretty easy to find regardless of your destination. They’re the perfect souvenirs for toddlers because they can be used to make the coolest art project once you return home! Sew or iron them onto a denim jacket, a backpack, or even a pillow! If you’re a family of frequent travelers, you can do a jacket, backpack, or pillow for each year of travel. If you take fewer trips, you can just have one for all of your travels! As a note, if you do plan on making a patch-laden jacket, think about buying an oversized jacket for your child, so this treasure of a souvenir will last a little bit longer!

If worse comes to worst, and you’re desperate to find a patch but can’t find one in person, there are many online patch shops as well! One is likely to have a patch of the destination you and your little ones are searching for.



If you find yourself doing a lot of international travel, consider having your toddlers collect coins from different types of currency! Euros, yen, pesos, francs – you name it! When you get home, you can make a little booklet full of coins to flip through! This foreign coin collecting can become even more exciting when a currency stops being minted (when a country changes over to another currency, for example). Then, in a sense, your child will have a limited-edition collectible!


Dolls, Stuffed Animals, or Action Figures

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A Pinocchio marionette, a stuffed camel, an Eskimo doll, and a set of Russian nesting dolls are all dolls, stuffed animals, or action figures that I collected from my trips when I was younger. While these little toys may seem useless or silly at first, there are a lot of memories and cultures infused into each of these items.


Playing Cards

Playing cards are probably the most useable souvenirs on this list. Collect playing cards with landmark pictures on the back – and if you’re lucky they’ll even have fun designs on the front too! Add to the culture aspect by learning from a local how to play a toddler-friendly card game with your shiny new deck!

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